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Build a Village $75( for ALL 3 Levels)

To purchase all 3 levels:

 1.  Exploring Neighbors and Economic Justice (Grades PreK -3)

For the youngest children, the curriculum is story-based. It explores our global world through the lens of neighbors.

To Purchase ONLY the Exploring Neighbors and Economic Justice (Gr. Pre-K-3) $25:

 2. Economic Justice and the Ideal Village (Grades 4-6)

3. Economic Justice and the Global Economy (Grades 7-12)

NOTE: Levels 2 & 3 are meant to be ordered together, because the two levels depend upon each other to offer a unique experience.  It is a role-play and decision-making sort of curriculum. The purpose of this curriculum is to immerse the participants into a village; give them roles that they must take on; give them a scenario; and then, as a team, the class must find ways around obstacles and problems to build their village. This includes a building process:

  • Physically, the teams may choose to build their classroom into a village with cardboard and duct tape or build a model of their village or to agree upon what their village believes and how it operates.
  • Emotionally, the teams must learn how to discuss issues where conflict may exist and learn how to navigate conflict peacefully; and
  • Spiritually/ethically, the teams must understand their philosophical, ethical and spiritual selves so they can fully understand the role that may or may not match who they are. Some participants may choose an alternate persona (this might be obvious or not/it also be intended or not).

This curriculum has built-in roles for the adults as advisors. While it may seem that chaos develops, the point of this curriculum is to help the participants to experience that chaos with some interaction from adults, and to learn how to diffuse the chaos and become a community/team that can function together. Meanwhile, the interaction between the two communities/teams can further their experiential learning by experiencing the art of negotiate and building peace. In lieu of finding peace, the two communities/teams may experience how disagreements can lead to chaos and war. At this point, the adults may have to intervene and help the communities/teams find common ground and develop peace through examining our Principals and  Sources. Either way, the participants get a better understanding of how our Global Villages work.

For both Levels, the Sessions Include: Building the Village; Water and Survival; Food Issues;  Poverty;  Healthcare; Education; Fair Trade and Equal Exchange; Oil Trade as Curse or Virtue;  Religion and Culture;  Global Government 101; Global Government 102; and Living the Village

To Order (2) Economic Justice and the Ideal Village and (3) Economic Justice and the Global Economy $50

Chalice Club II $25

Chalice Club II is a curriculum full of social justice/social action projects. There are 50 in all. Some of the projects take more than one week to complete. It is meant as a curriculum to empower children and youth to make decisions through consensus building. These projects are excellent for a second-hour program. Set up your Chalice Club soon!

To order Chalice Club II:

Colors of Life: Coming of Age

Two Facilitators are needed for every session. Parents and youth should take part in the Opening Ceremony. Parents will be presenting their youth with a bag – a Spirit Bag, a bag that will hold items to help them on their journey of Coming of Age, which should be spread out throughout the year. Written by Connie and Erin Dunn.

Each of the sessions are only 2 hours, but homework assignments help deepen the process. The assignments are mainly reading. Mentors can be contacted for any questions.

At the Closing Ceremony, the Mentors will present the youth with a gift as a symbol of their completion of this particular journey but with the understanding that life tends to swirl us through many journeys.

To Oder The Colors of Life Complete (includes Social Justice Jeopardy) $25

To Order The Colors of Life Only $15

To Order Social Justice Jeopardy $15

Cutting the Apron Strings $15

Cutting the Apron Strings is a 6-lesson course for mothers and their teenage daughters. This course is designed to promote better communication on both sides of the mother-daughter partnership. This course was written by Connie and Erin Dunn.

To Oder Cutting the Apron Strings:

Many Waters $15

Many Waters includes 12 lessons to go with the 12 chapters of the book, Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle. Many Waters, the curriculum, was written by Connie and Erin Dunn. Each lesson includes a summary of the chapter, an activity, and discussion questions. It is meant for junior high level, but would also work well for 5th or 6th graders.

Many Waters is a novel about twin teenage boys who are blown back into the pre-flood days of Noah’s time from the Bible. It is a captivating story with an interesting perspective on the Noah’s Ark tale. Many Waters, the curriculum, explores the UU principles that apply to each chapter. Activities include science experiments, art projects, games and building an ark big enough to get into (out of cardboard and duck tape).

Many Waters includes 12 lessons, which makes it an excellent choice for summer.

To order Many Waters:

Under the Wisdom Tree $50

Under the Wisdom Tree is a curriculum for helping teach values, beliefs and cultural connections. It is designed for churches with small groups of multi-level, multi-aged children. It is meant to meet the needs of the youngest, as well as the oldest, child in your program. It is also designed with limited human resources in mind and requires only a few adults to run the program. Like all curriculums, it may fall short in supplying everything you need. But I hope it answers most of your needs.

Thanks Connie – We actually did La Hormiguita on Sunday in the small fellowship that I work for. The kids enjoyed it and the fellowship did as well. We spent two Sundays preparing and then did the play during Hospitality time. The monthly worship theme was on being humble, so this was a perfect story to do.

                                                                – Carney McRae Doucette

To Order Under the Wisdom Tree: