UU Storyteller – Children’s Books and Collections

I Hate My Best Friend $15 (an e-file – .pdf format – that will be e-mailed to you)

I Hate My Best Friend  is a collection of 14 children’s stories that teach values. Many of these stories have been told in homes, churches and other places where there are children. These are all original tales. I Hate My Best Friend is really about friendship. Other stories, such as Seeds for Pumpkin, teach several values (LGBTQ) and earth friendly). And The Very Ugly Duckling, which sounds much like the familiar Ugly Duckling tale, only this story teaches us the importance of nurturing, honoring the importance of every creature, and appreciating the diversity and even embracing diversity, as Mrs.Duck did by adopting a swan egg that had no mother.

Momma Dee Stories $15 (an e-file – .pdf format – that will be e-mailed to you)

Momma Dee’s Stories is a collection of children’s stories that illustrate the 7 UU Principles (Link to https://www.uua.org/beliefs/what-we-believe/principles) and Sources (Link to https://www.uua.org/beliefs/what-we-believe/sources). There are 22 stories in this collection. Some of the stories were written specifically for this collection. Others have previously been published as part of curricula, such as Under the Wisdom Tree. These stories can be used with curriculum or used as part of worship services. They can be read or told. They can be used by children to read to themselves or by adults to read to children.

Stories from Under the Wisdom Tree $15 (an e-file – .pdf format – that will be e-mailed to you)

Under the Wisdom Tree is a curriculum for helping teach values, beliefs and cultural connections. It is designed for churches with small groups of multi-level, multi-aged children. It is meant to meet the needs of the youngest, as well as the oldest, child in your program. It is also designed with limited human resources in mind and requires only a few adults to run the program. Like all curriculums, it may fall short in supplying everything you need. But I hope it answers most of your needs.

The Fool’s Hat $15 (an e-file – .pdf format – that will be e-mailed to you)

The Fool’s Hat is a collection of 15 children’s stories that teach Unitarian Universalist values. These stories have been told in church services. These are all original tales. The Fool’s Hat includes Active Thankfulness, Anna’s Gift, Aunt Frankie, Celebrate in Solemn Blessing, Gramma Jones Is a Humanist, Love: A Lesson Learned, Margot Adler Is a Witch, Mitakuya Oyasin, Mother Theresa: A Compassionate Heart, Robert Redworm, The Fool’s Hat, The Magic Behind the Magic, The Peace Quilt, and The Storytelling Stole, While each of these stories focus on different values, they are all stories that reflect Unitarian Universalist Values and help talk about different topics with our children. For example, Anna’s Gift is a story about gift giving at Christmas through the eyes of a young girl, who shows through her unselfish behavior what the true meaning of giving can be.

When Panda Was a Boy $20 (paperback, also available for Kindle)

When Panda Was a Boy: A Collection of Stories on Gender Identity for K-8  is a collection on Gender Identity. From the time we are born, we are identified into a binary system of Male or Female; however, more people are realizing that gender is fluid. These are stories created for different age groups that might help both parent and child to become more comfortable with who they are on the inside not just what is inside one’s underwear.

Lights for Luucy $20 (paperback, also available for Kindle, on Amazon.com)

Lights for Luucy is a Unitarian Universalist Winter Holiday tale. Luucy wants to understand all the different holidays, so she could find her own tradition. Take this journey with Luucy. To help your children enjoy the end of this journey, you will need some Flaming Chalice Cookie Cutters .

A Spider, Some Thread, and a Labyrinth Walk: Sacred Journeys of the Heart Stories  $15 (paperback, also available for Kindle)

A collection of stories that were inspired by the Ferry Beach Camp and Conference Center. Some were set at the camp and others were written at Ferry Beach. There are two stories about Quillen Shinn, a Universalist minister and founder of Ferry Beach.