The Woman Who Fell From the Sky

TITLE: The Woman Who Fell from the Sky

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SIZE: 21 ½” X 40 ½”

This story has been told and retold. It is originally a Native American Creation Story, from the Iroquois and Huron Nations. It begins in the Sky World, because Earth did not exist yet. This is how Earth came to be…

The Sky People brought a woman to Father Sky, who headed up the Wise Council in the Sky World. They told him that the woman was ill. Father Sky looked her over, then told the people to dig a hole next to the Tree of Life in the garden, and lay her next to it. So that is what they did.

The woman fell asleep, and then rolled over into the hole. As she realized that she was going to fall into the hole, she grabbed onto a limb of the Tree of Life. However, the limb was not sturdy enough to keep her from falling. She began to fall clutching the limb. To see the complete story, which is included in The Goddess Collection on Amazon.