Gaia – (Note: Sold)


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SIZE: 14” X 141/2”

From a scientific view of chaos, the ranking theory of the creation of our solar system is that there was chaos and out of that came our solar system, including planets, moons, and our sun for which all the planets orbit.

In Greek Mythology, we learn that out of that chaos, emerged the earth in the form of Goddess Gaia (Gaea) or Mother Earth. She is literally, the earth, third planet from the sun. She is more of a Power than a Goddess, yet in all writings of Gods and Goddesses, she usually appears.

Gaia’s main role as the Great Mother was to give birth to life on earth or the spirit of the earth. She is the nurturer, protector, and giver of love and life. Her duties include keeping the earth free from pollutants, saving humanity, and rescuing our sacred planet. Although I suspect that no one imagined that humanity would have to rescue Mother Earth due to the pollutants and irresponsible uses of our sacred Gaia and her resources. To see the full story in The Goddess Collection on Amazon.