Writing, Snow, and Winter Scenes

It’s snowing today. I love watching the snow fall. I grew up in Texas where snow rarely fell, and when it did, the whole world stopped. We rarely got over an inch of snow there, but usually it came with a layer of ice, as well. There’s no snow removal equipment there, so everything stopped until it melted!

I still marvel at the beauty of watching the snow fall and stick to the trees like frosting on a cake. I don’t like shoveling the snow, but few do! It’s watching it fall through the air and landing on the trees, the grass, and everything that somehow amuses me. I think it is still the novelty of it. While a couple of years ago, we had too much snow! There was so much, we couldn’t just plow and be done. We actually had to scoop it up in trucks and dump it some place. The mounds of snow don’t stay nice and pristine. They get turned to black with who knows what! Yet, I still like watching it fall and cover the earth like a fluffy white blanket.

Writing during a snow storm seems ideal. Writing, while drinking hot chocolate, and fantasizing about whatever comes to mind like the abominable snow man or the great white yeti with yellow eyes. In North Texas where I spent most of my adult years, it was too flat to have hidden anything like the yeti or abominable snow man! Now that I live in the northeast, you can imagine that yeti trekking through your back yard into the woods.

Today, however, I am glad to be in a nice warm house, drinking my hot chocolate, watching the snow fall, and writing this blog post. As a writer, it is easy to get distracted, stressed, and a hundred-and-one other emotions that take you out of your writing. So, take it easy, make some hot chocolate, and watch the snow fall. If a yeti or abominable snow man trek across your yard, maybe you can write about their adventures. If not, take a bit of time off to watch the snow fall and rest your brain. That’s just as important!

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