Writing for Young Adults

Writing Irrisitible Kidlit by Mary Kole from Writer’s Digest Books (www.writersdigest.com) discusses everything from target audience to. To write for the young adult reader, Kole writes, “Remember the electricity of adolescence? You have your first love, your first seriously bad decision, your first moment of profound pride, the first time you’re a hero.”

Young adults (YA) like most genres. Fantasy is big with the YA market, but so is romance. One of the biggest errors that writers who want to write for this audience make is forcing the characters into a genre, because you think that’s what is selling right now, Kole explains. YAs have a good BS (bullshit) meter, so when you write for this audience, you must be authentic. Trying to force your story won’t cut it for this target audience.

 Characters need to be fully developed for the YA audience.

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