What Can You Learn in an Online Course?

I am enrolled in the 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge (up through May 9 you may still enroll – use this link: http://buildabusinesswithyourbook.com/access/aff/go/connnie), which I also contributed to. Are you wondering why I would want to take a course, where I was a contributor? Well, that’s easy to answer! You never outgrow your need for up-to-date book marketing information! The other answer is that just because I know one area does not mean that I know all areas!

When talking about book marketing, you are talking about a humongous topic. Blogs on your author/book site, guest blogging, book reviews, courses, contests, teleseminars, being interviewed, and this list is not all there is in book marketing.

Book Marketing is often viewed as a “bad word” in author circles. You don’t have to market your book, but you probably won’t sell any books, either. The very first step is to develop an “author platform,” which is basically where you can be found on the Internet.

It is imperative in today’s digital world to have a site where you can be found. Your book may be for sale in Amazon, but how are your readers going to know about your book and you. How are they to find out the information needed to make the decision to buy your book? Part of the equation of marketing is the relationship that you have with your readers. Sometimes that is called relationship marketing.

Your Internet Address is important to choose. A lot of authors choose their name as their URL address. I didn’t have that option. Who knew there were so many Connie Dunn’s in the world.? Therefore, I chose ConnieDunnBooks.com. My main identity on the Web, however, is PublishWithConnie.com. This is where all of my products – books and courses – are found. My books are also on ConnieDunnBooks.com. It is somewhat redundant, but I’ve kept both addresses and post blogs on both sites.

Before you pick your URL, perhaps thinking about what your intentions for your site might be wise. If you are going to write more books, will they be similar? Did you write your book to support your business? There are a lot of options that you might choose. None are better than the other; they simply have to be your decisions. Also know that you can make a change when and if you feel you need it.

These are the Common Pages that can be found on Author Sites:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Products/Books
  4. Events
  5. Contact
  6. Media

Once you have gotten your “address,” then you have to build your site. What goes into your site? A home page or your front page is the first place where visitors come. Some people call this a landing page. Some people see landing pages and sales pages as the same. The HOME page is extremely important because it’s like your store front. You wouldn’t jumble up your store front so that people who come there don’t understand what you are about. Therefore, you need to be clear on what the “face” of your business looks like and feels like.

There are many other pages that you might add to your site. Naturally, since this site is likely your site to promote your book; you are going to need a page that talks about your book. You also want people to know about you, as the author. Then, you need an about page and as whatever else you might be promoting on your site.

You’ve got to tell visitors about your products or books, so you’ll need a product/book page. And people want to be able to contact you, so you need a contact page. You don’t have to put your residential address, if you work out of your home. Go rent a mailbox from a mailing place, such as the UPS store. You also don’t have to put in your e-mail address, instead you can use a form.

A media page is a good to have that holds all the information that the media might want to know about you in order to write a feature story or ask you to be a guest on a radio or television show. An event page talks or lists all of the up-coming events, such as where you will be on a Virtual Book Tour.

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