Using Press Releases to Kick off Your Book Marketing

When you begin marketing your book, it would be easy to overlook a method that has been used as a way of announcing an event since newspapers came into being: the Press Release. In this new technology driven world in which we live, the Press Release is not dead. It is a vital part of the “Kick Off” of a book marketing plan.

As the first thing that you send out, the Press Release should explain what a Virtual Book Tour is, because most people don’t know what it is. The Virtual Book Tour is the primary way to market a book in this new virtual world in which we live. This means the marketing is all online or on the Internet.

Book marketing is now something that every author needs to do, whether you are traditionally published, indie published, or self-published. While this article is not about the manner in which a book is published, it should be noted that even the traditional or big book publishers no longer provide marketing as part of their book package, unless you are as well-known as Lady Gaga or Martha Stewart.

Of course, this means that every author needs to know how to write a Press Release. Naturally, if you personally have deep pockets, you can just hire everything done. Publicists normally view self-promotion as a “kiss of death” for your book. However, there are many people, especially, indie published authors, who would rather stay in control. Self-promotion may be viewed in a negative light by some. Others find it fun. Actually, who better to promote a book than the person who will benefit the most!

When writing your Press Release, do your research. The “who,” “what,” “where,” “why,” “when”, and “how” are standard pieces of a Press Release, but there are many other techniques that you can use to punch up your Release that help grab the attention of the person reading it. Post your Press Release to your Website with a link to it on your Media page.

See my Press Release: http://www.conniedunnbooks/Press Release - Virtual Book Tour.pdf

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