The Gloaming, Rise of the Stealth Vampire Elder

Set in present day Amsterdam, The Gloaming, Rise of the Stealth Vampire Elder by ML Worthingham chronicles the perilous struggles of European vampires, fighting to survive amidst the harsh reality they’re faced with following the slaughtering of their ancestors in the eighteenth century. Despite innovative technology at their fingertips and every modern luxury available, their contemporary lifestyle still comes with every bit of violence and danger endured by their predecessors. Valentin, a recognized leader of the European vampire community, works tirelessly to keep a fragile covenant: not a single vampire is to a kill a mortal. However, with both hazardous and compromising situations unfolding each and every day, this vow proves more and more difficult to keep as time goes on. In the blink of an eye, the entire community faces yet another summer conclusion with shocking developments and heart breaking loss.

ML Worthingham is a dark fantasy writer and author of his debut novel, The Gloaming – now available on Amazon. He grew up in Mill Valley, California where he started writing fiction as a teenager. When he isn't writing or delivering innovative new technology, he can be found traveling the world, mountain biking, or just getting another cup of coffee. Worthingham currently resides in Silicon Valley.

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