Seven Reasons to Create a WordPress Website

Every Authorpreneur needs a Website, so you can develop a fan base for your books. This article does not cover why you need a Website, what you need on your Website, or how to develop an e-list (fan base). We will, however, discuss why you need a WordPress Website.

The first and perhaps the most important reason for creating a WordPress Website deals with the ease of setting up a WordPress site. You do not need to know either html or css languages for developing the Website, because WordPress works with text. It was originally developed for easy Blog creation. You only need to use words to create it, plus there are many plugins that help do many tasks that help design certain features on your site.

The second reason for creating a WordPress site is that it is very easy to create a Professional looking Website with the use of Themes. Many of the Themes are customizable, which offers even more flexibility.

The third reason for creating a WordPress site is that it is free to install on a large number of hosting sites. You don’t need to pay for the software. It is actually available on the hosting site. You only have to install it.

The fourth reason for creating a WordPress site is that learning what you need to do to install and create you site is relatively easy. There is lots of help online. For example, my friend, Gina Akao, offer a free course for building your WordPress Site in six sessions, which will all be e-mailed to you. Just click on this link to sign up!

The fifth reason for creating a WordPress site is that not only is WordPress geared for words, but it is quite easy to add photos, video, music, and audio. While your Website is more than a Blog, it should have one, and some of the most competitive Bloggers are using video as part of their Blog.

The sixth reason for creating a WordPress site is that it is also easy to add a shopping cart or add Paypal, Clickbank or another pay service. Under this reason, I am also adding the Membership Site, which is also easily done with a Plugin.

The seventh reason for creating a WordPress site is that there are so many Plugins that can supercharge your Website, such as the following:

  • Social Media auto-posting for your blog;
  • Form creation;
  • Forums;
  • Shorten URLs on your site and everywhere;
  • Photo Galleries; and
  • Widgets that can do a lot.

Building a Website is a necessity for any writer. When you publish a book, especially if you Indie Publish, you need READERS!

The first steps to attracting readers is to build a Website, and start a Blog. There are many other ways to get in front of your readers, but a Website is a good place to start. Picking a Domain Name is a critical part of setting up your Website. For most authors, using their name or pen name is the best choice.

Putting up a Website with the name of the book is also done quite a lot, as well. But when you have many books, it might actually be best to have one place where all your books can be found. There are various thoughts about this. Some marketing people say each book needs its own Website. Others say a main site with all your books.

While there are choices, there are also a variety of reasons people publish books. Naturally, you want to sell your books, which is the reason you need a Website. Most new authors don’t consider that once the book is finished, they are in business.

If you need more help in developing your WordPress Website, check out my Website Design 101 for Authors.

Happy Writing!

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