Questions for Building a Fantasy World

  1. Does this world resemble Earth?
  2. Do the laws of nature and physics differ in this world?
  3. Is magic present in this world? How do you know? What part does magic play in this world?
  4. What do the people look like in this world? Do they look like humans, elves or dwarfs?
  5. What is the culture and ethnic diversity in this world?
  6. How old is this world? Did the people of this world evolve or did they come from another world…where?
  7. Are there a lot of people in this world? What sort of villages, towns or cities do they live in?
  8. How does magic power work in this world? Does it come from a Divine Source, Life Source, or Where? What is the Source? Is it finite or infinite?
  9. What are these magical people like?
  10. What are the physical characteristics of this world? Similar to Earth, more Moon like, etc.?

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