Put Your Press Releases on Steroids

pressrel-stSending out a Press Release is something every book author and entrepreneur (authorpreneurs) should do on a regular basis. You don’t have to wait for some earth-shattering news to send one out. People have no idea what you do, unless you tell them. There are a lot of reasons to send out a press release including:

  • New or revised book, product or service launching;
  • new Website; new reports, webinars, e-books; received a personal or company award, including customer satisfactions awards;
  • Hiring a new employee or someone retiring, starting a new promotion, marking a book, product, or service milestone (reaching best-selling status or other milestone); or
  • Charitable announcements (donating book profits to a charitable project).

Isn’t a Webpage more important? Your Webpage is definitely a needed platform. The Webpage holds all the information you want potential clients or book readers to know. However, your Webpage is a stationary billboard. If no one drives by that billboard, they aren’t going to see what you do.

A Press Release is one way to get attention that gets people to drive by your Webpage. For most authors and entrepreneurs (authorpreneurs), a Press Release is something you can send out for FREE! However, if you were to put your Press Release on Steroids, how much would you be willing to pay? What if you were guaranteed to get that Press Release into major news outlets, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX? What if you were partnered with a marketing firm that would help take your Press Release from zero to a 1,000 mph? What if your Press Release went viral? What if your simple Press Release could be put on steroids?

Did you even know that a Press Release can increase your visibility and credibility? Did you know it could enhance or even repair your online reputation? Did you know that it could mean that Google would rapidly index your site? Did you know that you could get high authority backlinks to your Website? Did you know that you could generate even more media coverage — both online and offline?

What can you do to get this sort of Press Release? Contact me at publishwithconnie@gmail.com to learn how you, too, can gain high authority for your Press Release and get it sent out to more than 2,000 media outlets. You’ll even get help writing this Press Release!

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