12 Easy Steps to Publishing

Writing a Book in 12 Easy Steps

If you are dedicated to this process, you will have a book at the end of this course. It means that you must spend time every week for 12 weeks completing the assignments. Once you have completed the 12 weeks, you may still need to proof your manuscript, rewrite some parts of it, and smooth out transitions between chapters. However, you will have written the book in only 12 weeks! I have known plenty of writers, who have spent 12 years on their book!

Perfection is always something for which to strive; however, “perfection” can also drive you crazy. There are almost always some mistake in every book. It’s not that you should just ignore editing, but keep it reasonable! How many edits should you make? If you are sourcing that part out or even having the layout sourced out to a contractor, remember that every edit will cost you money. After all, this is your book, your contractor does not have the same interest in “getting to perfection.”

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