New Time Travel Book Can Be Read Backwards

The newest book by Science Fiction author HOWARD LORING, a collection of twelve short stories entitled TALES OF THE ELASTIC LIMIT, can be read in three ways, a fitting thing given each chapter deals with Time Travel.

Every stand-alone tale in the book chronicles significant human events that became intellectual, historical and social paradigm shifts and all can be read in any order, but taken together and read in sequence, the combined short stories are a continuous and compelling HISTORY of TIME itself.

However, as TIME is linear, TALES OF THE ELASTIC LIMIT can also be read backwards, thus demonstrating the fact, for it’s the same story from either direction and reading in sequence tells the adventure while reading from the last chapter and working forward demonstrates how the historic events came to be.

HOWARD LORING’S books are presented in an Epic Fable form of simply written narratives that together convey a larger overall meaning germane to the universal, human condition, and all deal with the ELASTIC LIMIT OF TIME, a technical term used in the books and within each title, yet the phrase is also a metaphor for the individual, human imagination.

His first two works are novels and all three are available online in book or eBook, published by PreCognitionPress.

Given TIME is ephemeral, none of HOWARD LORING’S books are sequels but they do relate and explain each other.

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