New Destiny Story

img_3132Destiny has a new story that will be released hopefully just in time for your Christmas buying. As fans may know the Destiny series has now morphed into Easy Reader Books!

This time Destiny has a problem that a lot of school children have: she’s being bullied and she makes a new friend!

I thought it might be fun to share a little about the illustrations for the new book, “Destiny Gets Bullied.” I don’t think I draw as well as I’d like. However, I have illustrated some books with drawings. Instead, of drawing, I’ve been illustrating these books with puppets. I made full size puppets for the last book, “Grandma Honey, I Turned into a Mermaid.” This time, there is going to be a whole classroom full of characters. So, I had to make everything smaller so they’d fit into my car and the photographer’s studio. Instead of simple backdrops, I am building sets.

I chose to make the puppets 18-inch size. That did several things for me:

  1. They are smaller puppets, so they take less fabric.
  2. At 18-inches, they all fit into the American Girl or Springfield doll clothes and accessories.
  3. Naturally, not everything I need for my sets are items I can buy affordably. Somehow it doesn’t make sense to pay over $100 for a piece of furniture, such as a couch that will be used for a photo or two. But that’s the beauty of going to 18-inch size! There are hundreds of postings on how to make almost everything!
  4. img_3149img_3150I’ve made everything from a rabbit and rabbit hutch to miniature food. I actually can appreciate movie sets and all the incredible details that are needed. A lot of things are manufactured from rocks to fake blood. Thankfully, we won’t need any fake blood!

img_3148I had a lot of fun making the rabbit hutch! When was the last time you go to make something with craft sticks? That was both fun and challenging. Then, there was the matter of needing straw. Hmmm! Well, mine is made from small pieces of yellow yarn. It did the trick. What every rabbit needs, of course, are yummy carrots. They were easily made from orange felt and green felt for the leafy ends.

I am almost down to creating the walls for the sets. These will be made from tri-fold display boards. Wonder what makes a window look realistic? Hmm…and how do you cut out a window and make it look neat enough? All things, I will begin to face in this last phase of illustrating “Destiny Gets Bullied.”

When it’s all done, I hope you all will tell me how well I did! I’m hoping it will be stellar. So far, I’m happy with the props I’ve made. I still have a few to go, such as desk/tables for the classroom. Lunch tables for the lunchroom, and what that lunchroom should have besides tables and chairs?

Tune in for my next blog.

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