Networking Is Always a Good Thing

I asked Andy Heller, a professional photographer (, to Take pictures of My quilts that I had made to illustrate an up-coming book. He’s a Class act!

Andy is part of my chamber network group. I Take the mission of our group to heart. It is My feeling that groups like this are in a Class by themselves. No matter where you live and work, find a chamber group. Networking with friends and trusted advisers is always a good thing.

Whether you are writing your first book or you are a seasoned writer, Take the plunge into networking with chamber members. The cost is low and believe My words when I say, getting involved in your local chamber will put your networking into a different Class.

Chamber dues are not that expensive; and some chambers, such as the United Regional Chamber, allow you to pay your fee monthly, which really makes it  affordable. Take the initiative today to call your local chamber. My wish for you is to bring your business to the next Class or level.


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