Mask Making and Poetry/Story Writing Workshop

This is an In-Person Workshop

This is a very fun workshop. It is limited to only 20 (minimum people 15) people, so click on the button below and sign up for the workshop now! It will be an all-day workshop from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Aug. 2 at the Hawthorn Suite, 835 Upper Union St, Franklin, MA. (Directions: Exit I495 at Exit 16, turn West (Left if you are exiting from North-Bound lanes and Right if you are exiting from South-Bound Lanes) and turn left onto Union/Upper Union St, stay to the left at the fork, which is Upper Union. Hawthorn Suites ahead on right.

We will make a plaster mask on our own face. Then, we will decorate them with paint, feathers, jewels, etc. Once we've made the masks, we will write poetry or stories from the character for which we have made.

This is an all day affair, so please bring a brown bag lunch (we do not have use of a refrigerator), water will be available.  Some breakfast snacks will be available.

Possible performance opportunity will be announced later.

To sign up for this workshop. Registration closes July 16, because the hotel needs to know how many people to accommodate two weeks prior to the event.  If we do not make our minimum, then this workshop will be cancelled, so please SIGN UP NOW!

COST: $30/person (includes the breakfast snacks and all supplies.) Click on Buy Now Button!

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