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Helen R. Davis is an award winning author, who is also an editor and proofreader at Savant. Her debut novel, CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED, explores the myth, legend, and history behind Cleopatra VII, the final queen of Egypt, and imagines how the world would have been different if she and her second husband, Marc Antony, had triumphed at the Battle of Actium, which was an important naval battle in the 1st century B.C. She has previously been featured online at, which is an online news source for her hometown of Casper, Wyoming.

cucoverHelen’s writing journey began in 2001, although she did not know it at the time. She became fascinated with reading every biography she could on Cleopatra and imagining living her life. This culminated in a senior research paper on Cleopatra that she did in high school, which involved deconstructing the woman behind the legend and myth and the true historical facts of her reign. In 2009, she had completed college and was jobless. She had a dream about her Cleopatra manuscript, which she had been stuck on at that point. Originally, she was going to write a story about her the way it truly happened-- opening and ending on her deathbed with the snake in her hand. However, a dream about Cleopatra winning at the Battle of Actium influenced her: CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED was born. She spent 2009-2011 working on the first three novels in the series, and 2012-2013 presenting the idea to agents. Then, she finally found Daniel Janik at Savant in January of 2014. She and Daniel I have been working together ever since. CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED was released in December of 2015 and from here on, she hopes this book gives readers a new perspective on history.

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  1. As the owner of Savant Books and Publications and a fellow author, I was highly impressed with Helen R. Davis’ interview. CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015) has just as much to say to us today as Cleopatra’s actions did to those in her own time. I especially like Ms. Davis’ musings on what if Antony and Cleopatra had won at Actium and, as a result, the center of the world had shifted from Rome to Alexandrian Egypt?

    1. Thank you for your comments, Daniel! Helen was a good interview. Her deep knowledge of this time period was outstanding. While her book sits firmly in the fiction category, the history is authentic.

  2. It is good to hear that there is good, well-researched historical novels that aren’t just made up out of thin air. Kudos to Helen for doing the work to research properly the subject matter.

  3. Alas, history is usually written by the victors who normally have enormous egos so the accuracy of events is always colored by their perception of events. History has never been an exact science so in this book and the ones that follow the author imagines a different timeline that is less Roman and more Egyptian. What would change?

    Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” So I invite the imaginative and curious reader to take a trip into this alternative vision of what if Cleopatra is triumphant instead of a tragic figure.

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