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Daniel S. Janik is a physician, educator, publisher, and multi-award-winning photographer, artist, poet, author and independent movie producer.


In college, he majored in pre-medicine with a special interest in water chemistry, eventually earning Master of Public Health and Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees, after which he specialized in public health/preventive medicine. In later life, he conceived the idea of "transformative learning" where learners nurture curiosity and discovery, pursuing knowledge and wisdom throughout their lifetimes. In 2005, he published a neurobiological foundation for transformative learning entitled Unlock the Genius Within. In it, he claimed that contemporary "teaching" had become anachronistic, and argued strongly for changing the role of educators to being resource providers and mentors-by-example.

He is the recipient of numerous literary and art awards, his documentary, "Clean Water, Common Ground" receiving two Telly awards. He is an avid ballroom and Latin DanceSport competitor, with his dance partner representing the USA and Japan.

His authoring career began in high school with the completion of the science fiction novella, The Hyperbolic Curve. Throughout his life, he has written and published poetry and prose, his poems, including "Everyday" and "Water Faucet Man" winning regional and later national recognition. In 2008, he began Savant Books and Publications ( to help introduce new authors to the public.

Listen to Daniel Janik talk about his perspective on the Publishing Industry.

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  1. Great interview that was tremendously informative not only about the industry, in general, but about SAVANT as a publisher. In fact, it almost inspires me to sit down and attempt to write another SAVANT book.

  2. Thank you Connie for a very interesting interview with Daniel Janik. He certainly explained everything very well indeed. The hour flew past, I wished it could have been even longer. I will follow your post regularly now. You have so much to offer.
    AG Hayes.

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