Genre Novels

Novels are works of FICTION, which can be for Adults, Young Adults, Middle Grade, or Children. They are generally a long, prose narrative.

Novels can be further broken down into these genres:

Action/Adventure -This genre deals with such themes as risk and physical danger. Adventure stories almost always move quickly, and the pace of the plot is at least as important as characterization, setting and other elements of the novel. There is always a good amount of action in this genre,

Comedy - These are humorous works.  The purpose of this genre is to make people laugh. However, some comic novels are subtle. Historically, this genre comes from the Classic Greek Comedy, which simply meant a "happy" ending. It has grown into a genre that embraces satire and irony, as well.

Dark Comedy (Black Comedy, Dark Humor) - This sub-genre deals with anxiety, suffering, or death.

Romantic Comedy - This sub-genre deals love and its effect on the central character.

Drama - This genre involves conflict, action, and crisis. It is historically what isn't comedy or tragedy from the Shakespearean era. Drama in the Depression era was blunt and direct in social criticism.

Historical Novel - This genre is set in the past and usually involves historical figures from the time period for which it represents.

Mystery Fiction - This genre includes crime novels, which are stories about solving a crime. Mystery, in general, is always about solving a puzzle of some sort. This genre also includes the Thriller and Horror novels. It is a relatively young genre having just celebrated 200 years.

Romance - This genre involves both love and lust. It also explores such themes as guilt, pride, and emotional repression.

Science Fiction - This genre deals with themes, such as futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life.