How to Stay Motivated and On-Track as a Writer

The Focus of Publish With Connie is to meet the needs of Writers – Aspiring Writers, New Writers, and Seasoned Writers. Keeping Writers motivated and on-track as a writer is no easy task!

The number one problem that writers say, “I’ve been so busy that I haven’t gotten to my writing.”

The number one solution to that problem is finding an Accountability Partner or Accountability Group. Since this is the number one problem, I decided it was time that I offered a SOLUTION! And that is a Weekly Accountability Call:

The Benefits Include:

  • Gain support of a community
  • Keeps you on top of your goals for writing and running your business (especially those who have businesses related to a book)
  • Keeps you aware of moving forward.

Other Problems and Solutions:

  • Schedule your writing time, too often, I hear writers say, “but I’m too busy to adhere to my schedule.”
    • Solution: Do not schedule more than you can handle. Keeping only three things on your to-do list per day is workable. Some people schedule their writing time like they would if they were meeting with someone. This is a good only if you give it the same importance as a meeting. This is why an Accountability Call is a good choice for staying on-track.
  • Set a time aside each day for writing. I’ve know writers who have gotten up in the middle of the night to write. Naturally, some writers will say, “but I need my sleep for {fill in your favorite choice here}.”
    • Solution: Make your writing schedule doable and at a time that works for you. Getting up early works for some people. Maybe you need to stay up late or go to the library, or your favorite coffee shop. Whatever helps you write is the best choice. Naturally, an Accountability Call can help you stick with your schedule.
  • Set your sites not on time, instead make it goal oriented. Write so many pages. Setting your goal for a number of pages written can be motivational to some. To some writers, setting a page count can induce writer’s block faster than you can say, “Creative Juices!”
    • Solution: Find something that works for you. It’s important to set some sort of goals to keep you moving forward on your writing project. An Accountability Call can help you meet your goal. However, the bottom line is that you have to want to meet your goal. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding what motivates you.

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