How Press Releases Can Help in Book Marketing

How press releases can help in book marketing may not be obvious to those who have never written a press release. However, a well-written press release is simply a well-written article that follows a certain format.

In a press release, you need to answer: who, what, where, when, why, and how. If you follow a newspaper style, you’ll put all of this in the first paragraph. If you use a storytelling formula, you’ll answer all those questions, but in a more entertaining manner.

Your first sentence needs to hook the reader and pull them through your story. A hook usually begins with a problem. Problems need to get more complicated, which continues to bring your reader into your story. Naturally, there needs to be a hero in a story and that hero needs a goal. But the hero needs an obstacle to overcome, and then a new goal is set. Unfortunately, the next step is to show that all goals are lost. Don’t underestimate the hero, because then the hero redefines that goal so that everything comes to a climax so that all the loose ends come together as your story ends.

In a story about your book, the hero is your book. The problem is one in which your book solves. Your problem gets complicated just like your target market’s problems get complicated. The goal, of course, is your book’s goal. Naturally, there is an obstacle, which is getting past that complicated problem that your target market has. The hero, your book, redefines its goal only to appear all is lost, before choosing yet another goal, getting into the climax and tying up all the loose ends.

It is possible that your story doesn’t have every piece of the storytelling model, but it definitely needs to have the who, what, where, when, why and how. Be creative when writing your press release. The target of your press release may be journalists at your local or regional newspaper, but think creatively and find all sorts of publications, including newsletters to send your press release.

Creativity aside, if your press release doesn’t give the information that you need to publicize, then it doesn’t make sense to send it out. I am a big supporter of using storytelling techniques, but some items of this technique make more sense than others. The most important factor of writing any press release is to help tell the story that you have to tell at the particular time in which you are writing it.

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