How Long Does It Take To Write a Book?

I get this question a lot…

Well, I’ve written a book in a day on several occasions. I will say that Children’s Picture Book manuscripts are so short that on a good day, I might be able to write two or three. I’ve also written 30-page or less books in a day that are on a topic that I know well.

I just wrote a book over the weekend. It was a challenge. Maybe, I shouldn’t have watched the movie on Saturday night! But for goodness sake, when you invite people over for dinner and a movie, it does seem rude not to watch the movie! So, the good news is that I wrote the entire book – all 62 pages of it. The bad news is that it’s too long for my original purpose. The good news is that I know how to solve it!


You see, one way to get noticed on the Web is to post Guest Blogs on other people’s sites. It’s also a good way to market your book. At the end of every blog post is your signature. Did you know that you can direct readers back to your site to get something free? So, 62 pages might get downloaded, but probably wouldn’t get read.

I have this wonderful mentor, D’vorah Lansky (, who told me that I needed to break it down into about five pieces…so that’s what I’m going to do. I can give one piece away, and sell the other four. Or, I can give one away immediately and get them to come back to my sight four more times and possibly buy other things.

How intriguing? Yes, indeed. And I’d tell you how I’m going to make that book become five little bites of marketing wonder, but I haven’t made all those decisions yet.

But I will give you the answer to: how long it takes to write a book? Well…the true answer is that it’ll take as long as it takes. However, I have a newly published book, “Creating a Timeline for Your Book: Beyond the Basics,” which can be purchased at: This book will help you create a timeline for your book, so that you can more easily schedule your time.

Connie Dunn is a book coach, speaker, and author of more than 30 books, screenplays, and Religious Education materials. Her most recent books are: “Children’s Book Illustration for the Non-Traditional Creator: Four Techniques from a Crafter’s Point of View” (; Book Launch 101” (; “12 Steps to Publishing – Workbook” ( All of these books are focused on helping authors.

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