How Do I Know If Writing a Book Will Help My Business?

If you are in business, writing a book will help put you out in front of your competition. Depending on the industry, many small businesses find it difficult to position their businesses where they would like when faced with the competition of larger corporations, who have more resources.

However, as a small business, you have more flexibility to make decisions that can directly affect both your position in the industry and your bottom line. Let’s face it, folks, we’re all in business to make money! It’s not a bad thing. But to do this, we have to continually be innovative to keep our market share and gain a bit of ground, as well.

By packaging your particular insights, knowledge, and wisdom into a book, you’ve managed to shoot up and over those lumbering corporate competitors. Because corporations tend to be rather large, moving in any direction takes a lot longer. As a smaller, more fit entrepreneur, you have the advantage of being able to do more inventive and pioneering things…and do them tomorrow rather than two years from now.

As an author, you get to share the stage with great people throughout history. It doesn’t matter whether your book is a masterpiece that will rock the book publishing charts. Because you wrote a book, people look up to you as someone who is an authority on a particular topic. You don’t have to write a complete guide to human anatomy when your expertise is in human resources or internet marketing. You write about the topic that you know and are passionate about.


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