Guest Bloggers’ Form

Guest Blog Form

The purpose of this form is to facilitate Guest Bloggers. That way they can fill out the info and submit it. Dates will be approved unless a conflict exists, then I will contact you. Some of the information that I ask for is for informational purposes not for publication. I will not schedule a blog without this information to make sure that the submitter is who they say they are.nnThanks!nConnie Dunn
  • Please submit both first and last name.
  • This is informational purposes only.
  • This is informational purposes only.
  • Your Blog Address, Where a Reciprocal Blog Would Be Posted.
  • The Date You'd Like Your Guest Blog Posted.
  • 1 link should be to Book, 2nd link should be your main Website where readers can find out more about you.
  • This Blog Post should focus on "writing" in some way. My Blog provides writing, publishing, and marketing information to writers, so that is what you need to write about. Was there something about your writing that would help others? Talk abut your book in terms of these processes. If this is your first Guest Blog, don't worry. I'll help you through the process! Do your best!
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