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It's imperative that you hook your readers with a compelling first scene. To help you do just that, Register for this FREE GIFT!

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Writing a Compelling Opening for Your BookWhether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, you should write a strong opening! For non-fiction, lead with your problem. For fiction writers, bring your readers into your story when things are in an upheaval! Two people arguing is always a good hook!

It's imperative that you hook your readers with a compelling first scene, because that is often the only part of the book your reader is going to read. If you don't hook your reader until page 15, the reader has long put that book back on the shelf. Hook them with the first sentence!

This is one of the hardests parts to master for some writers, because the back story seems such a logical way to begin. Your reader has yawned and put that book down!

To help you master this, Register for this FREE GIFT! It's a .pdf course that will help you learn how to jump into your story where the action and interest is. Back story can be woven in later as part of a flash back or another technique or maybe it isn't needed at all.


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