Fiber Art – Embroidery

You can embroidery an entire piece and call it fiber art, but I’m a multi-media fiber artist, which means I use a lot of techniques in my pieces. Layering is one technique that gives depth to a project.

In this project, I’ve used layering to make a crowd of people. Using different skin toned-embroidery thread, I’ve created a more realistic picture of people. Scraps of fabric have been used to create clothing. Not seen in this photo is a child holding hands with what we can assume as the father, who is holding on to his son. The little boy is not seen in this photo, because he is farther down in the picture. The profile of the woman and another woman behind her can be seen. There is a man in a black suit, which cannot be seen behind the balloons.

This is part of a new piece I am working on.

You’ll notice there are some blank pieces on the right-hand side. of the picture above. These have yet to come alive.

Here is the picture of the couple. He is in a suit and she is in black velvet dress with a shimmery silver shawl.

You will notice that the pieces are pinned into place, because this is still being created!

The use of embroidery, as well as applique is used on these pieces. The scraps of fabric are appliqued onto the form. In some cases, they are actually wrapped around the piece to hide raw edges. In the piece above, you can get a glimpse of some raw edge showing. In the end, these will be sewn down. I also notice that we see some of the raw felt used to create the shapes. This, too, will have the hair sewn into place.

When creating fiber art pieces, bring in many types of fiber. I’ve even seen some lovely pieces made with felting along with other types of fiber art. I also use beads, button, stones, and more to create the story that I’m telling with the piece.

Here’s a piece I’ve just finished, it’s a mini-picture sample of a larger piece that I’m planning.

Happy creating!

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