Writing Your FREE Report

Who Wants to Grow Your E-List, Give Clients/Readers and Potential Clients/Readers Some Valuable Content, and Educate People about What You Do at the Same Time?

Because as authors and entrepreneurs, we continuously need to entice people to our site and onto our e-list,
we need an ethical bribe that is something
readers/clients and potential readers/clients actually want.
This FREE product has to have content that is both relevant and rich....

Without Spending Years Creating It!

From: Connie Dunn
Date: Tuesday 8:30 am

Many authors and entrepreneurs have thought that their newsletter or e-zine was enough to give away. But not in today's competitive ONLINE world. What you give away needs to appear more valuable than your newsletter or e-zine.

It may feel as though you are giving away valuable content that your could sell. True! You could sell this product. However, it becomes more valuable by bringing new people to your e-list...and not just anyone, but people who want what you've got to offer!

FREE Products are often more valuable as FREE than if you put a price on them! Typically, these FREE Gifts are E-Books or E-Reports.

Today, I am pleased to be
bringing you a mini-course on
Writing Your Free Report.CREATING YOUR FREE E-BOOK

This is a short course with ONLY One Session, including a 1) Video and 2) Slide Handouts, as well as an 3) Action Guide.

COST: $17