Plotting Your Plot

Where Do Those Characters Think They Are Going?

The point is that characters cannot go anywhere, nor can they think without the plot. It is essential to every story that our sequence of events guides us through a story with a set of characters that includes a protagonist (hero) and antagonist (villain).

Learning to PLOT out our entire story in our pre-writing phase, helps us write quicker and better. Plotting or graphing our major events helps us outline what will happen in our story. While short stories may not require so much pre-writing, novels, and screenplays go together much easier when you take the time to: 1) Develop your characters, complete with back story; 2) Develop your plots, including your main plot and a, b, or c plots prior to writing can save you from going down a road that dead ends.

Once you have plotted out the details of your plot, writing is simply singing the flesh onto the bones of your story. This mini-course will help show you how to create three different methods of plotting.

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