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30daywkbk-covrDo You Want to Write a Children's Book to Delight Your Own Children, Your Grandchildren, or Children Everywhere?

And Then Use That Book to Earn Some Cash, Become a Celebrity, or Even Promote an Important Value ...Without Spending Years to Get It Published?

From: Connie Dunn
Date: Sunday, 11:15 am


AWARD for Writing this Course

You want to Write a Children's Book, but you're not sure where to start? That's okay! Everyone has to start some place and I understand your frustration. I remember feeling that same way before I wrote my first children's story.

Some people try taking a popular children's book and writing something similar. Some people write something funny, even though they've never told jokes well. Others just flail around without a lot of focus.


And Then It Hit Me!

Stories that have a bit of magic, maybe a value or lesson to learn are the stories that have staying power! That's when I began writing children's stories that other people wanted to read to their children, grandchildren, or community of children.



Children's Book Writing System:
30 Day Challenge

Behind the Scenes-1The Behind the Scenes with Connie: Children's Book Writing System was born. And over the last few years, I have perfected and tuned the system. This is not a simple fill-in-the-blank sort of system nor is it so complicated that you need a higher degree of understanding. It is the very system that I use when I write my Children's Books!

Over four weeks or 30 days, you will have access to videos and Daily Action Steps. This is a 30-day Challenge Course, which means that you will be challenged to do the action steps and write your own story during the 30 days. Your Children's book could be completed in 30 days. There are four modules, each module has one or two videos, which are delivered one per week along with the Daily Action Steps. Plus, a Q&A Call once a week will help answer questions, along with a Private Facebook Group. We'll come together as a community to support each other.

Each week, videos and Daily Action Steps will be added to the Member's Area. You can work at your own pace and within your own time zone to access the material.


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Module 1:

Organizing is an important part of beginning the process to write anything. It is much easier than staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration to hit you.

Organizing includes all the small details that help you get through all the other processes of writing your Children's Book, including deciding what sort of Children's Book you are going to write. In this module, you will learn about:

  1. Choosing Type  of Children’s Book
  2. Scheduling Time to Learn and Write
  3. Choosing Your Topic
  4. Picking a Title
  5. Understanding Your Target Reader
  6. Understanding Your Target  Buyer
  7. Developing Your Book's Lesson or Message


"Connie Gave Me Direction and Inspiration"


I have always wanted to write a children's book, but did not know how and where to start; Connie gave me direction and inspiration. -Helen CL


Module 2:

In this module, we find we are ready to write, but there is still some things to develop before you just jump in to write your first paragraph.

Inside Module 2, you'll find some daily action guides that help you develop:

  1. Your Setting or Environment
  2. Your Character(s)
  3. Your Plot
  4. How Important Your Story's Beginning Is
  5. Outlining Your Book
  6. How to Set Up a Word Template that will help you in Publishing the Book
  7. A Writing Schedule
  8. Your Work Ethic to Work the Schedule You Develop


Module 3:

Module three is divided into two parts: Indie Publishing or Traditional Publishing. If you are planning to publish your book with a Traditional Publisher, you will need to develop and track some items; whereas, with Indie Publishing, you need to develop your artistic skills.


1.Book Design

2.Cover Design



  1. Guidelines of Publishers
  2. Query Letters
  3. Book Proposals


"Connie’s Class Opened a Door and an Opportunity to Live a Dream"

As soon as class began, I saw results. I started writing with an outline, a goal and a partner. The flood gates opened and out came stories that had been in my head for years. With Connie's direction, the writing began in earnest. Her feedback was right on in sculpting the tone that I wanted to convey and the flow I desired. I would never be where I am in terms of writing a book had I not enrolled in Connie's Course and had the benefit of her feedback, structure and expertise. Plus, she is a fun and wonderful person. -Nancy B.


Module 4:

Marketing is the backbone of turning your book into a profitable business. If you've taken the time to create your book, you should spend the time to market it, as well. There is no such thing as "Write it, and they will buy it!"

  1. Author Bio
  2. Press Release, Tip Sheet and One Sheet
  3. Speaker Schedule
  4. Author Platform
  5. Sales/Landing Page
  6. Book Launch and Party
  7. Virtual Book Tour
  8. Book Trailer
  9. Schools and Libraries
  10. Local
"When I promoted my first book, my primary promotional activity was to participate in a virtual book tour. This one strategy connected me with thousands of new readers and dozens of leaders in my industry, and took my book to bestseller status in record time. Since that time, I’ve participated in several virtual book tours, for my books as well as to promote my upcoming events." -D'vorah Lansky of


Here's Everything You'll Get with
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Module 1: Organizing   (Value = $100)

Module 2: Writing   (Value = $100)

Module 3: Publishing   (Value = $100)

Module 4: Marketing   (Value = $100)

30 Daily Action Steps   (Value = $60)

Private Facebook Group   ( Value = $100)

4 Q&A Calls   (Value = $100)



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