12 Easy Steps to Publishing

Are you a Non-Fiction Writer or Aspiring Non-fiction Write?
Are you a Fiction Writer or Aspiring Fiction Writer?
Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't have a clue where to start?
Maybe you've even started a book and got stuck and don't know how to finish it...if so READ  On!

“Finally, there is an Easy Way to Learn Everything You Need from Book Concept to Published Book."

Do You Want to Become a Celebrity, a Respected Author in Your Genre,
and Enjoy the Feelings of Accomplishment?


 From the Desk of Connie Dunn
Publish with Connie:

 It is every writer's dream to write and publish your book. Whether it is your first or 22,221st,  each book is special and deserves your complete attention. But we all know that life can often get in our way, maybe you're trying a new genre, or dealing with something else. Yet, you still want to write and publish your book...


"I Would Never Have Gotten
This Far On My Own…

I knew I wanted to get my book out to the world. I had no idea of how to do that and needed someone else's experience and knowledge to support me in my effort. I also knew I needed structure and goals around my writing.

Connie's watchful, guiding, encouraging eye helped me stay focused, clarify that focus and keep me steady and on your course. I would never have gotten this far on my own so smoothly and quickly!

- Deb Straffus


Publish with Connie's
12 Easy Step to Publishing
is a comprehensive course.

With “12 Easy Steps to Publishing,” you get:

  • 12 weekly video sessions - Value $1,200.
  • A Workbook, which allows you to refer back to the material presented in each of the sessions and spend time developing such things as purpose for writing your book, target audience, outline, marketing plan, and other action items that keep you moving forward in your book writing - Value $200.
  • Unlimited access to Connie Dunn, your Book Coach, via e-mail and Private Facebook Group - Value  $8,000
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Group for Authors, where peer discussions, questions, etc. can be another opportunity to learn - Value $1,000
  • 12 Weekly Q&A and Accountability Calls - Value $1,200

TOTAL VALUE = 11,600


It Would Be a GREAT VALUE even at


But you won't pay that for this program.


"My Book "Stepping Stones"
Has Been Born …"

I had written a book and had no idea of how to proceed in getting it published, and I needed someone I knew I could trust...That was you!

I’m excited to say my book "Stepping Stones" has been born. I have printed copies to sell, and I am now in the process of marketing it.
Patti Sparrow


Connie’s Class Opened a Door and an Opportunity to Live a Dream

I saw this class as a door opening for me; an opportunity to live a dream. As soon as class began, I saw results. I started writing with an outline, a goal and a partner. The flood gates opened and out came stories that had been in my head for years. With Connie's direction, the writing began in earnest. Her feedback was right on in sculpting the tone that I wanted to convey and the flow I desired. I would never be where I am in terms of writing a book had I not enrolled in Connie's Writing Group and had the benefit of her feedback, structure and expertise. Plus, she is a fun and wonderful person.
Nancy B.


This course is  ONLY : $297

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