TITLE: Amaterasu

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SIZE: 23” Wide X 16” Long

Japanese Sun Goddess, Amaterasu (Ah-mah-ter-ah-soo), rules over the heavens and watches over the earth. As a matter of fact, she is the Queen of Heaven. As a ruler, she watches the people on earth tend their rice plants, while she tends her plants. The people work hard, and their cheeks grow red. Amaterasu also gets red cheeks as she works in the rice fields in heaven.

In the evening, Amaterasu retires to her Weaving Hall, and her brother, Tsukayomi (Tsoo-Kah-Yah-Mee) the Moon God, takes his place in the sky. He shines in the nighttime, but not a brilliant as Amaterasu in the daytime. Another brother, Susanowo (Sue-shaw-noe-woe) comes to the door of heaven and convinces Amaterasu that he only wishes to pay homage to their mother, who also resides in Heaven. Amaterasu knew that Susanowo was trouble, but she loved him, so she allowed him to enter Heaven against her better judgement. Susanowo was jealous of his sister’s power and angry that he was not equally powerful. As soon as he set foot into Heaven, he began to destroy things. He thundered and spit lightning. (Note: story can be found on Amazon, included in The Goddess Collection at