Fiber Art

Fiber Art is art that is done with fiber, such as cloth, yarn, or roving wool (sheep’s fur that is usually processed, sometimes dyed, but not spun into yarn or thread). However, one could certainly make the argument that paper is also fiber. While paper can be incorporated into Fiber Art pieces, paper or paper fiber is not usually the main part of Fiber Arts.

My Fiber Art Piece usually begins with a piece of cloth. I tend to gravitate to Batiks. However, making your own background through dyeing is certainly a way to get exactly what you want. Once the background has been chosen, I begin to embelish it with felt or solid fabrics, especially when faces are the highlight of the piece, as they are in Goddesses.

To View My Fabric Art, follow the links below:




Grandmother Spider

Iris- the Rainbow Goddess



The Woman Who Fell from the Sky