Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing Services

DevEditDevelopmental Editing refers to editing the content of the document. This type of editing is not concerned with typos or grammar but on the content itself.  The content might need rearranging so it makes it more readable by your target audience, or developing the story or plot more fully.  A manuscript needs content editing when it just does not flow correctly or misses the mark to attract your target audience.

Since each manuscript needs specific treatment, this service is usually preceded by a comprehensive manuscript evaluation.  All manuscripts are salvageable, the question to ask yourself is how much am I willing to invest in the manuscript? Manuscript evaluation is essential so that you understand how much work/time and how much money it will take to fix the manuscript.

Developmental Editing is charged by the hour with a minimum of one hour.

An evaluation of a manuscript for assessment of the need for Developmental Editing is also charged by the hour with a minimum of one hour. You can submit an entire manuscript or a portion of the manuscript. With a one-hour evaluation, there is no way that your entire manuscript can be read in an hour. However, a scan of the manuscript can determine if you need this service.

Hourly Rate: $150.00