Comprehensive Evaluation of Manuscript

Comprehensive Evaluation of Manuscript






A comprehensive evaluation of a manuscript can help you improve your writing skills, as well as help you determine the need for other types of editing, such as Developmental or  Content Editing. This service includes:

♦ Read Entire Manuscript up to 250 pages (usually takes minimum of 4 hours)

♦Initial Evaluatiion or a Quick Evaluation of book, can be for assessment of publication-ready or diagnostic

♦ Assessment of Writing Style

♦Level of Writing (based on grade-level,  helpful for manuscripts meant for children)

♦Target Audience Evaluation

♦Copyediting (Note: Every manuscript should be professionally edited)

♦Developmental Editing (Note: This is content editing or content revision.  Some manuscripts need this service to make the manuscript more readable.)

♦Comments (When you receive your manuscript back, you will receive a list of comments to help you see where you need to work more.)

♦Resources (You will also receive a list of resources, such as courses or books.)

VALUE $600 (4 hrs. @ $150 = $600)  COST $300

Pay with PayPal - You can pay through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal Account. You will be given the opportunity to set up a new PayPal Account, if you would like.