10-Page Evaluation and 15-minute Coaching Call

10-page10-Page Evaluation and
15-Minute Coaching Call

Send me up to 10 pages of your manuscript to evaluate. I will give you some option of dates and time for our 15-minute coaching call. If you would like a longer coaching call, scroll down and purchase it in hourly increments or one of my packages. You can do this instead of the 15 minute or in addition to. You can even have your evaluation coaching call and decide later to sign on for more coaching.

To set up 15-minute call, send e-mail request to connie@publishwithconnie.com

Cost: $40

Pay with PayPal - You can pay through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal Account. You will be given the opportunity to set up a new PayPal Account, if you would like.