Cleopatra Unconquerd

Cleopatra VII has come down to us as the final queen of Egypt, famous for her love affairs with Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, and tragic death by suicide  via snakebite after she lost her last battle and beloved nation. But did it have to be this way?

Alternate history is a genre that often combines historical research and sometimes, elements of science fiction and fantasy to imagine a 'what-if' scenario.  This novel on Cleopatra VII, final queen of Egypt, imagines what would have happened in the life of the famous queen  had things gone differently, with, of course, a bit of help from the goddess of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. What if she and Marc Antony had  triumphed at their dreams of a joint empire? What if Cleopatra had been more knowledgeable about Roman politics and culture? Was Cleopatra's decline inevitable—or just the result of a lack of knowledge?

In this, the first novel in the series, Cleopatra comes to life, first as a young girl missing her beloved mother, who dies when the princess is quite young. Cleopatra is then tested as her father, Auletes, pharaoh of Egypt, takes on a second wife in hopes of having a son. This stepmother is especially cruel and unkind, taking out her anger out especially at Cleopatra, her father's favorite child, and the child of her deceased rival. Taking refuge in Isis, the mother goddess of Egypt, Cleopatra then is watched by Isis, Athena, and Venus as Isis tests Cleopatra and shapes her into the woman destined not to lose Egypt, but to save it, in this timeline.  We watch Cleopatra as a young queen, and the events that cause her to fall in love with Julius Caesar. We then root for her as she and Caesar begin a romance together, with Cleopatra as the mother of Caesar's only son, and watch as events unfold that propel Cleopatra to greatness.

Helen Davis, is the author of Cleopatra Unconquered. is available from as a softcover novel. It has also recently been released as an e-book and is available for Amazon Kindle at the following location It is also available at, Barnes and Noble, and


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