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Self-Publishing vs Indie Publishing

There is still a lot of question in some people's minds about what the difference is between indie publishing and self-publishing. Indie publishing and self-publishing can sometimes be considered the same. However, as a self-published author, you are normally paying a "vanity" press, which charges you for every process. Vanity publishing often means that you pay and pay and pay for the privilege of someone else making money on your work. They operate a lot like a traditional publisher with the exception Read more [...]

Becoming Your Own Book Designer

Self-publish and become a Book Designer, as well. Don’t let that scare you! It’s really not as hard as you think. What size book do you want to create? Some standard sizes are 6-inches by 9-inches or 7-inches by 10-inches. Being your own Book Designer can actually be quite fun! Who better to design your book than you! After all, you’re the one that birthed this creation into being. Why give it up for adoption to someone who hasn’t been intimately involved like you have been. Editing, on Read more [...]

Self-Publishing Growing Breed

There's a new world awaiting for those who are writing and publishing today. Only a few years ago, your best bet was to get an agent and get published with a Publishing House. If you self-published, there was a huge stigma attached to self-publishers akin to that of the Scarlet Letter. Not so, today! Self-publishers are among a growing breed of indie publishers. You can publish under your own small press. You might just publish under the demand printer, or you can still duke it out with agents Read more [...]