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Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile

Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile is based on a true story about a little boy who joins a track team and works hard to overcome his small size as he runs against boys who are much bigger. At first, he never wins a race. But Charlie doesn't give up, and his hard work pays off. He becomes a champion on the track and later a true hero in real life as a U.S. Navy SEAL. Published in April 2017 by Legacies & Memories Publishing, Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile is available through Amazon, Barnes Read more [...]

Girl from Ipanema

There are 2 books in Ur Legend fantasy series: Sun Valley, Moon Mountains, and The Girl From Ipanema, by Ajax Minor. The Girl From Ipanema: The World Turned Upside Down, has just been released (June 2017), and in it, Ajax Minor has created a world-clashing, universe-shaking adventure in which his character “Ur,” whom he has based on the daughter that he lost, must grapple with forces of good and evil, life and death, and struggle with foes that are both external and internal. The multi-layered Read more [...]

Thomas Keech

Doc Doc Zeus: A Novel of White Coat Crime by Thomas Keech follows the life of Dr. Hardwicke Zeus. Zeus is successful physician, who cheats on his wife, degrades his mistress, stiffs his medical partners and defrauds insurance companies. Most problematic of all is his deep-seated misogyny, which he takes out on his female patients. The medical board knows he drugged and raped Katherine two years before, but is helpless to do anything about it. His current victim is sixteen-year-old Diane. Diane Read more [...]

Containers and Copyrights

When you eat out and have left overs, you bring home the excess food in a box. When organizing a child’s room, we often use baskets to hold all their toys. When we write, we use paragraphs to hold our sentences. And sentences are the container for words. It is useful to see words as the toys that we put into a basket. However, it is even more helpful to see how all the toys in one basket are alike or different, and how we need the diversity in each basket. For example, let’s build a sentence Read more [...]

Teleseminars Are Authors’ Best Friend

Going on a VBT (Virtual Book Tour)? Need exposure for a non-book product or service? It's as EASY as getting an interview for a teleseminar! Want to Know More? Click on Graphic Below: REGISTER for FREE Teleseminar Kit I took the Teleseminars for Authors Made Easy course with D'vorah Lansky. Afterward, I organized a Virtual Writing Conference called: Writers' University Boot Camp. My e-mail list grew about 200%! I continued to do a Teleseminar Series: Monday Morning RED HOT Teleseminar Series, Read more [...]

Designing Covers on a Shoestring

What goes on your cover? There may be a lot of different answers to this question, because this can be design preferences. However, there are some basic things that should be on your Front Cover, and they may be rather obvious items: Title and Subtitle; Author’s or Authors’ Name(s) (without “by”), and a graphic. The Back Cover can vary a lot. Some people like a short author bio and small photo. Some people like a summary of the book. Another item that is popular on the book is to identify Read more [...]

ATTN: Aspiring Authors, New Classes Are Starting

Publish with Connie is taking registrations for new classes that will begin in March! An Evening Class will start on the first Thursday of each month from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., beginning March 6, place TBA. (I try to locate geographically close to where my students are, sometimes a student will host the class.) 6 slots available A Daytime Class will start on the second Thursday of each month from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Best Deli, 391 E. Central (Rt. 140) in Franklin, MA. 6 slots available These Read more [...]

Why Choose to Indie Publish?

I’ve been publishing independently (Indie) since 1981. Before that I kept trying to go the traditional route. I got a lot of rejection letters, probably enough to paper a room. In 1981, I decided to publish a recipe book of family dessert recipes. That is when I decided to just publish it! Not long after that, I met a woman who asked me to collaborate on a book of stories. We wrote quite a few. She illustrated them. Then, we published them by photocopying and spiral binding. She also did most Read more [...]

Writing a Book Means You Are in Business!

Writing a book means you are now in business. I know; I know! Some of you don’t want to be in business…and yet, you do want to write a book. And if you’ve invested the time in writing the book, you probably want to sell them…hopefully in large numbers. My expertise is in Independent Publishing, which means that I publish my own books through my own Independent Publishing Company. What most authors want is to get published through a traditional publisher so they don’t have to deal with Read more [...]

Story Quilts – Illustrations for Children’s Books

I am just returning from a week-long Fabric Art Camp at Ferry Beach, a Unitarian Universalist Camp and Conference Center, in Saco, Maine, where I made Story Quilts! I'd love to say that I illustrated my entire book while I was there, but that didn't happen, nor do I think it was even doable!! Never the less, I learned some wonderful techniques for machine quilting, got inspired from some other Fabric Artists, and created my third of 10 Story Quilts, as well as began my fourth. When I left for Read more [...]