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Becoming a JV Partner

A JV or Joint Venture Partner can be a lucrative opportunity for both partners. Whether your list is big or small, you can still partner with others. But just because you don’t have a big list does not mean you cannot partner with someone who has a big list. When you have a small list, partnering with people with larger lists can help you grow your list. However, if your list is small, you can also partner with other people with small lists, you’ll just need more partners. Why partner with Read more [...]

Teleseminars Are Authors’ Best Friend

Going on a VBT (Virtual Book Tour)? Need exposure for a non-book product or service? It's as EASY as getting an interview for a teleseminar! Want to Know More? Click on Graphic Below: REGISTER for FREE Teleseminar Kit I took the Teleseminars for Authors Made Easy course with D'vorah Lansky. Afterward, I organized a Virtual Writing Conference called: Writers' University Boot Camp. My e-mail list grew about 200%! I continued to do a Teleseminar Series: Monday Morning RED HOT Teleseminar Series, Read more [...]

Building Your Author Platform Should Be #1 Priority

Before you can begin marketing your book, you need to build your AUTHOR PLATFORM! What is an AUTHOR PLATFORM? I know you are probably visualizing something like a stage, but that is not what an AUTHOR PLATFORM is. There are some different ideas about what should go into an author platform. Jane Friedman says, “Platform building is an organic process and will be different for every single author.” However, she believes that you should think about these three ideas when building your author Read more [...]

ATTN: Aspiring Authors, New Classes Are Starting

Publish with Connie is taking registrations for new classes that will begin in March! An Evening Class will start on the first Thursday of each month from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., beginning March 6, place TBA. (I try to locate geographically close to where my students are, sometimes a student will host the class.) 6 slots available A Daytime Class will start on the second Thursday of each month from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Best Deli, 391 E. Central (Rt. 140) in Franklin, MA. 6 slots available These Read more [...]

How Press Releases Can Help in Book Marketing

How press releases can help in book marketing may not be obvious to those who have never written a press release. However, a well-written press release is simply a well-written article that follows a certain format. In a press release, you need to answer: who, what, where, when, why, and how. If you follow a newspaper style, you’ll put all of this in the first paragraph. If you use a storytelling formula, you’ll answer all those questions, but in a more entertaining manner. Your first sentence Read more [...]

Using Press Releases to Kick off Your Book Marketing

When you begin marketing your book, it would be easy to overlook a method that has been used as a way of announcing an event since newspapers came into being: the Press Release. In this new technology driven world in which we live, the Press Release is not dead. It is a vital part of the “Kick Off” of a book marketing plan. As the first thing that you send out, the Press Release should explain what a Virtual Book Tour is, because most people don’t know what it is. The Virtual Book Tour is Read more [...]

Book Trailers: Get Yours Going!

  Book Trailers? What’s that? No, it’s not a trailer full of books. No, it’s not a trail of books either! Think video, creative, and cinematic!   The newest mode of marketing your book has taken a very creative direction. Take the illustrations from your book and create a video with voice and music. Granted, if your book doesn’t have a lot of illustrations, you may have to get even more creative. What would represent your body of work captured in your book?   Let’s Read more [...]

How to Market a Book

As an author, you want to write and publish, but you’d also like to sell your books. To sell anything, you have to market it. Even as an author, you have to market! You cannot get there on your name, because as an Indie or Self-Published author, you don’t yet have a “name.” Traditional Publishers often organize book tours, which is great, but that’s the most expensive way to market. As an Indie Publisher, you probably don’t have that kind of money, and the truth is even if you did, Read more [...]