Becoming a JV Partner

A JV or Joint Venture Partner can be a lucrative opportunity for both partners. Whether your list is big or small, you can still partner with others. But just because you don’t have a big list does not mean you cannot partner with someone who has a big list.

When you have a small list, partnering with people with larger lists can help you grow your list. However, if your list is small, you can also partner with other people with small lists, you’ll just need more partners.

Why partner with anyone? Well, extending your reach is always a plus. If you’re launching a book or holding a tele-summit or a single webinar, having partners to spread the word is always a positive way to begin.

How do we get the partners? We ask, like I am asking now! Will you be my JV Partner?

Who am I to be asking:

Connie Dunn is an award-winning author, speaker, and educator. She spent nearly 30 years as a freelance writer, writing for magazines and newspapers, including a regular column on small and home-based businesses, so she understands the entrepreneurial world view. She also worked for publishers, such as Prentice Hall as a Developmental or Content Editor. She has been an Indie Published author since 1981. She has published more than 30 books in paperback and Kindle, including children’s books, poetry, non-fiction, and she is currently working on a mystery novel for adults. Connie is available as a speaker on a variety of topics. You can find more about her books and work with writers at and Her latest offering is The 3-Hour Book Project, which is an ONLINE project with two 90-minute Webinars (the teaching part) and two group coaching calls (the problem-solving, all questions answered part).

The Project: The 3-Hour Book Project is scheduled for November 10 & 17 (90 minute Webinars) and November 12 & 19 (60-minute Group Coaching Calls).

What do I want you to do? I want you to help promote The 3-Hour Book Project.

Here’s how it works:

My product:

  • The 3-hour Book Project (
  • Early Bird BONUSES (Before Oct. 31)
    • 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (Value $75)
    • 1 year’s (52-weekly sessions) worth of Weekly Accountability Call (Value $480)

My TARGET Audience for The 3-Hour Book is: Entrepreneurs

As a JV Partner, what you get:

  • 30% commission on all sales generated from your Affiliate Link.
  • To sign up my Affiliate Program:
    • Follow this link: and look on the right-hand side of the page where it says: Join Our Affiliate Program.
      • Plug in your affiliate information, if you are already an affiliate.
      • Click on Affiliate Signup, if you are not an affiliate.
    • 30% commission on all subsequent sales and upgrades.
      • Upgrade possibilities
        • Rewrite Services ($25/page)
        • Ghost Writing Services ($150)
        • Developmental (Content) Editing ($150/hour)
        • Research Services ($150/hour)
      • Subsequent Coaching possibilities
        • 10-Page Evaluation and 15- Minute Coaching Call ($40)
        • Comprehensive Evaluation of Manuscript ($300)
        • Once-a-Week Accountability Call ($40/month; pay 1 yr in advance $400 – VALUE $480/year)
        • One-on-One Coaching ($150)
        • Take 5 Coaching Plan ($675 – Value $750)
      • Courses Available
        • 10 Reasons to Indie Publish (one .pdf $7)
        • 12 Easy Steps to Publishing (in-person & virtually) ($400 one-time payment or four weekly payments of $125)
        • Being an Article Machine ($27)
        • Book Launch 101 (one .pdf $10)
        • Books Are Business (FREE)
        • Character Development (FREE Introductory Class)
        • Converting Word™ to Kindle ($25)
        • Creating a Timeline for Your Book ($37)
        • Creating Your FREE E-Book ($47)
        • Plotting Your Plot ($17)
        • Website Design 101 for Authors ($27)
        • Writing Your FREE Report ($17)

Please sign up for my affiliate program. Promote The 3-Hour Book on Social Media of all types (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and others), send out e-mails to your list or to friends (NOTE: My target market is Entrepreneurs.).

I am also available to talk about Why Entrepreneurs Need to Publish a Book, if that fits with your podcast, teleseminar, tele-summit, webinar, Blog Talk Radio program, etc. I would also be glad to write a guest blog for your blog, if that fits for you, as well.

Teleseminars Are Authors’ Best Friend

Going on a VBT (Virtual Book Tour)?

Need exposure for a non-book product or service?

It's as EASY as getting an interview for a teleseminar!

Want to Know More? Click on Graphic Below:

Teleseminars for Authors Made Easy

REGISTER for FREE Teleseminar Kit

Red ArrowI took the Teleseminars for Authors Made Easy course with D'vorah Lansky. Afterward, I organized a Virtual Writing Conference called: Writers' University Boot Camp. My e-mail list grew about 200%!

I continued to do a Teleseminar Series: Monday Morning RED HOT Teleseminar Series, which is a series of Author Journeys to help inspire other writers to get back to work on their writing even if they have the Monday Morning Writing Blues! I have been slowly increasing my e-mail list from when I began about 60 Days ago; and I have increased my e-mail list by another 40%.

If you want or need to build your list, then you should sign up for Teleseminars Made Easy at:

Building Your Author Platform Should Be #1 Priority

Before you can begin marketing your book, you need to build your AUTHOR PLATFORM!

What is an AUTHOR PLATFORM? I know you are probably visualizing something like a stage, but that is not what an AUTHOR PLATFORM is. There are some different ideas about what should go into an author platform. Jane Friedman says, “Platform building is an organic process and will be different for every single author.” However, she believes that you should think about these three ideas when building your author platform: “your unique story/message; your unique strengths and qualities; and who your target readership is.”

There are some standard pages that you can create on your Website that make up your AUTHOR PLATFORM. These pages include the following.

The pages that any author needs on their site include:

  • Home
  • About
  • Blog
  • Book Summary/Book Pages
  • Testimonials
  • Opt-In with Free Gift
  • Events
  • Media


This page is your landing page. It should greet your visitors.


This is your Bio Page.


This page is a blank page, when you create it. However, it will hold all your BLOG POSTS.

Book Summary/Book Pages

This can be one page or many pages, depending on the number of books you have published. If you have more than one book, set up a page for Books and a page for each book that is linked to the parent Books page


This page should be full of endorsements and testimonials. If possible, get permission to use their photo, as well as their testimonial. Photos make pages more interesting.

Opt-in with Free Gift

This page is a promo for your FREE Gift. It also has an opt-in form. Your FREE Gift needs to be something that your readers want and is a big enough gift to entice your fans to sign up for your list. You want fans who are going to be loyal, to do that you need to give away something to encourage them to sign up for your list. You can then use the list to market your book.


This page lists all your appearances:

  • Speeches;
  • Interviews; and
  • Other activities that are relevant to your Book or Business.


This page is for Media Inquiries. On this page include:

  • Bio
  • Professional Picture of You
  • Book Cover
  • Summary of Book
  • Press Release Announcing Book

Your Photo

You need to get a professional photo taken. Do not use a snapshot unless you are using it for a placeholder while you get your photo made. Make sure your photographer can take a studio portrait. Get your hair and makeup done before your appointment. Wear professional clothing, such a suit.

Building Your List

One of the things you need for marketing your book(s) beyond your Author Platform is to Build Your List. The way to do that, of course, is to use your Author Platform. The Opt-In Page and Free Gift is the page on your Website and Author Platform that helps you do that.

Marketing and Your AUTHOR PLATFORM

In today’s book publishing world, there are many more books being published as e-books and print books by traditional and indie publishing methods. All of these books on the market make marketing very competitive, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Remember that competition can create opportunities to be more creative to find a solution that positions you in unique ways.

What your AUTHOR PLATFORM does is to represent you and your “business” (and as an author, you are in business – the business of selling your book, if nothing else) as a solid foundation that embodies your author resume. Your Website is a major part of your public relations and marketing, because it represents your professional reputation, as well as intensifies your visibility.

Of course, the Website will need to have traffic to do any of this. To drive traffic to your Website or Author Platform, you need to write blogs for your Website, post to Facebook, write guest blogs and get them published on other similar Websites that have an audience that will bring visitors to your site. Pick Websites to guest on that have not only a similar focus, but has a larger audience than you have.

Your Author Platform is integral for your marketing success. While an author used to simply sell a great manuscript based exclusively on its writing merits, these days it is more difficult to sell your manuscript to traditional publishers. If you do sell it, the fact that you have an Author Platform will help sell your manuscript to a traditional publisher. If you plan to Indie Publish, which can include doing everything yourself or hiring a done-for-you Indie Publisher, the done-for-you solutions can be everything or some of the tasks.

Creating your Author Platform needs to be done prior to finishing your book. There are many things you can do within your blogging to help pre-build your list. For example, you can give away something that gives a peek into your main character.

ATTN: Aspiring Authors, New Classes Are Starting

Publish with Connie is taking registrations for new classes that will begin in March!

An Evening Class will start on the first Thursday of each month from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., beginning March 6, place TBA. (I try to locate geographically close to where my students are, sometimes a student will host the class.) 6 slots available

A Daytime Class will start on the second Thursday of each month from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Best Deli, 391 E. Central (Rt. 140) in Franklin, MA. 6 slots available

These classes are 12 Sessions long, meeting monthly, which give busy participants enough time to write between sessions. Class size is intentionally kept small so that each participant can get the attention needed.

The classes cover 12 Steps to Getting Published:

Step 1 - Get Clear on What You’re Writing (Value: $495)
Step 2 – Establish Writing Habits (Value: $495)
Step 3 - Learn Good Interviewing Skills (Value: $495)
Step 4 – What Goes in the Front Pages (Value: $495)
Step 5 - Learn How to Legally Use Other People’s Material
in Your Book (Value: $495)
Step 6 - Copyrighting Your Book (Value: $495)
Step 7 - Designing Your Book (Value: $495)
Step 8 - Finishing Your Book (Value: $495)
Step 9 - Find Your Publishing Mode (Value: $495)
Step 10 - Creating Your Book Marketing Plan (Value: $495)
Step 11 - Promotional Quotes and Other Ideas (Value: $495)
Step 12 - Learn to Publish Your Book (Value: $495)
TOTAL for the Classes: $5,940

You will receive both a book and a workbook with the class. (Value $150)

You will also have UNLIMITED access to Connie Dunn, your Book Coach, via e-mail and phone. (VALUE: $1,200)

You will get an invitation to a Private Facebook Group for Authors, where peer discussions, questions, etc. can be another opportunity to learn. (VALUE: $1,000)

Accountability happens in two different ways:

  1. By consistently bringing material to share during sessions; and
  2. Through pairing up and becoming accountability partners.

Within the class, you will get group feedback after sharing material. Education also happens during group questions and discussions about writing techniques, publishing, and marketing. Through group support and rapport that develops within the group, you gain confidence as a writer. The classes are intentionally kept small, so that everyone gets what they need! (VALUE: $2,400)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,690

Since few could actually afford such a course, the course is offered at only a fraction of its total value. The COST is $650. A DEPOSIT of $100 will hold your place in the class. NOTE: Deposit is applied to total cost of class, leaving $550 due at the first class. If you would prefer to pay this out in installments, you may pay it in 12 monthly installments of $55.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to pay in installments, you are responsible for all 12 installments once you enroll. If you miss a class, you are still responsible for the payment. If you stop attending the classes, you are still responsible for ALL the payments. If I cancel a class (due to weather or illness), it will be rescheduled at a convenient time for the entire class.

To REGISTER for the class, please contact Connie Dunn at 508-446-1711 or

How Press Releases Can Help in Book Marketing

How press releases can help in book marketing may not be obvious to those who have never written a press release. However, a well-written press release is simply a well-written article that follows a certain format.

In a press release, you need to answer: who, what, where, when, why, and how. If you follow a newspaper style, you’ll put all of this in the first paragraph. If you use a storytelling formula, you’ll answer all those questions, but in a more entertaining manner.

Your first sentence needs to hook the reader and pull them through your story. A hook usually begins with a problem. Problems need to get more complicated, which continues to bring your reader into your story. Naturally, there needs to be a hero in a story and that hero needs a goal. But the hero needs an obstacle to overcome, and then a new goal is set. Unfortunately, the next step is to show that all goals are lost. Don’t underestimate the hero, because then the hero redefines that goal so that everything comes to a climax so that all the loose ends come together as your story ends.

In a story about your book, the hero is your book. The problem is one in which your book solves. Your problem gets complicated just like your target market’s problems get complicated. The goal, of course, is your book’s goal. Naturally, there is an obstacle, which is getting past that complicated problem that your target market has. The hero, your book, redefines its goal only to appear all is lost, before choosing yet another goal, getting into the climax and tying up all the loose ends.

It is possible that your story doesn’t have every piece of the storytelling model, but it definitely needs to have the who, what, where, when, why and how. Be creative when writing your press release. The target of your press release may be journalists at your local or regional newspaper, but think creatively and find all sorts of publications, including newsletters to send your press release.

Creativity aside, if your press release doesn’t give the information that you need to publicize, then it doesn’t make sense to send it out. I am a big supporter of using storytelling techniques, but some items of this technique make more sense than others. The most important factor of writing any press release is to help tell the story that you have to tell at the particular time in which you are writing it.

Using Press Releases to Kick off Your Book Marketing

When you begin marketing your book, it would be easy to overlook a method that has been used as a way of announcing an event since newspapers came into being: the Press Release. In this new technology driven world in which we live, the Press Release is not dead. It is a vital part of the “Kick Off” of a book marketing plan.

As the first thing that you send out, the Press Release should explain what a Virtual Book Tour is, because most people don’t know what it is. The Virtual Book Tour is the primary way to market a book in this new virtual world in which we live. This means the marketing is all online or on the Internet.

Book marketing is now something that every author needs to do, whether you are traditionally published, indie published, or self-published. While this article is not about the manner in which a book is published, it should be noted that even the traditional or big book publishers no longer provide marketing as part of their book package, unless you are as well-known as Lady Gaga or Martha Stewart.

Of course, this means that every author needs to know how to write a Press Release. Naturally, if you personally have deep pockets, you can just hire everything done. Publicists normally view self-promotion as a “kiss of death” for your book. However, there are many people, especially, indie published authors, who would rather stay in control. Self-promotion may be viewed in a negative light by some. Others find it fun. Actually, who better to promote a book than the person who will benefit the most!

When writing your Press Release, do your research. The “who,” “what,” “where,” “why,” “when”, and “how” are standard pieces of a Press Release, but there are many other techniques that you can use to punch up your Release that help grab the attention of the person reading it. Post your Press Release to your Website with a link to it on your Media page.

See my Press Release: http://www.conniedunnbooks/Press Release - Virtual Book Tour.pdf

Book Trailers: Get Yours Going!


Book Trailers? What’s that? No, it’s not a trailer full of books. No, it’s not a trail of books either! Think video, creative, and cinematic!


The newest mode of marketing your book has taken a very creative direction. Take the illustrations from your book and create a video with voice and music. Granted, if your book doesn’t have a lot of illustrations, you may have to get even more creative. What would represent your body of work captured in your book?


Let’s use a non-fiction example, such as my book, Press Releases Made Easy. The picture on the front cover is antique lead type. We could get pictures of individual letters on a piece of paper. Through moving the letters around on the paper and taking pictures of them, you can create an animation. You don’t have to have a very long trailer, two minutes is great. The end of the animation might move the letters into place to spell out the title. Then, you choose some words to say or a reading from the book, add some music…and there you have it! You’ve made a book trailer.


If the graphics seem like a challenge, think about the music. While there are places to get stock music online, I’ve found that the pieces tend to be longer or shorter than what you really want. In what seems like several lifetimes ago, I attended many classes surrounding the creation of indie films. One of the hardest challenges is getting the sound and music at a stable level and at a professional quality.


With voice overs, you have a lot more control of the audio. But in talking to  a musician friend, Jon Kava, he explains that with a software program called a “music sequencer: or “digital audio workstation,” you can create your own music. “Have you seen computer graphics in movies like Lord of the Rings or Avatar? Computer generated music was on the scene first. Creating music on a computer opens up possibilities from orchestral music to tribal music without the cost of hiring a band.“ Jon Kava can be reached at For $100 and up, he will create music for your project.

How to Market a Book

As an author, you want to write and publish, but you’d also like to sell your books. To sell anything, you have to market it. Even as an author, you have to market! You cannot get there on your name, because as an Indie or Self-Published author, you don’t yet have a “name.”

Traditional Publishers often organize book tours, which is great, but that’s the most expensive way to market. As an Indie Publisher, you probably don’t have that kind of money, and the truth is even if you did, you might not have the clout to pull in enough interested buyers to make your investment in travel worthwhile. However, Indie Publishers need to get on-board with Internet Marketing Methods.

You need to do several things online to bolster your visibility. First, you need to create a Website for your Book. However, your Website needs to be geared to your buyers. What are they looking for? What are the BENEFITS for your potential buyers and readers?

One of the first things you probably did when you began writing your book is to think about your target market. If you didn’t actually do that step explicitly, you probably did without consciously thinking about it. Now is the time to spend that time to clearly define your target market. Next, you need to write down every benefit that your target market would find by reading your book.

Create your Website using those benefits. Also, create a good tagline that encompasses the book’s topic. Make your About the Author page also Benefit driven. Make sure your Home page also has a call to action. In other words, it needs to be a good sales page. Your entire site needs to be a sales page.

Paying an Internet Marketing Specialist might be worth the money, because you probably will get a better return. All of this is good for your Website, but a Website is only the place to start!

In his book “The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide”, author Ed McDonough says:

“To effectively market on the internet today, you need to strategically utilize other key internet marketing components in conjunction with your website. Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Specific Websites are all requirements of a sound Internet Marketing Strategy.”

So, get on Facebook, Twitter and everything else! But don’t think that’s going to do it!

You also need to do research on keywords that people would use to search for your book. One great strategy is to create some videos on YouTube that then drive traffic to your site.

Again, paying an Internet Marketing Specialists (You can contact Ed McDonough at to do all of this for you will probably be a good investment, which is less than the cost of airline, motel, and food for going to just one place in the country to promote your book.