Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, coach, and published author, says, "Leaders anticipate. Losers react." Which one do you want to be?

Naturally, we all want to be a LEADER not a loser! So, how do we anticipate? Let's look at how that can be manifested into your business? If we anticipate, we expect or predict. We might even take action to be prepared.

Be prepared for what? Being SUCCESSFUL!

One easy way to move toward success is to become known as a knowledgeable person in your field. How do you prove that? PUBLISH a book.

Publishing a book is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, most entrepreneurs have written the material for their book many times over. You can find out how to write your book without even leaving the comfort of your home with The 3-Hour Book Project.

Ready to enroll? Here’s how:

Need more convincing? Read on…

Did you know that most SUCCESSFUL Coaches, such as Tony Robbins, did not become successful until after they published a book? As a matter of fact, Tony Robbins worked for Jim Rohn, who was a successful motivational speaker. He credits Rohn for teaching him the ropes, but the fact remains that until Tony published his first book, no one knew who he was or what he knew. Once Tony showed that he was knowledgeable by publishing a book, his business took off.

Was it simply publishing a book? No. What comes from publishing a book is what really makes a difference. You see, there is a shift in how you are viewed after you have published a book, because you suddenly become a “Published Author.” That title holds a lot of prestige. Now that you’ve become an AUTHOR, radio and TV talk show hosts are interested in interviewing you. With the onset of the Internet, we now can multiply the possibilities for getting yourself known. Podcasts, teleseminars, panel discussions, internet radio (Blog Talk Radio), and other opportunities help spread the word about you and your message.

Want to join the ranks of CELEBRITY Authorpreneurs? An authorpreneur is simply an author, who is an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who becomes an author. First, you need to write that book. Here’s how:

Still not sure? Read on…

Entrepreneurs who publish a book gain the following benefits:

  1. It gives you CREDENTIALS.
  2. It makes you a CELEBRITY.
  3. It puts you at the TOP of YOUR INDUSTRY.
  4. It brings you MORE BUSINESS.
  5. It allows you to RAISE FEES for your services and products.
  6. It makes you an AUTHORITY.
  7. It makes you the GO-TO PERSON.

But what really keeps people from writing their book is simple:

  • They simply have no idea where to begin.
  • They believe it will take too long.
  • They don’t think their book is unique enough.
  • They cannot imagine themselves as capable of writing a book.
  • They are simply stuck in negative messages from their past that don’t allow them to see themselves as a Writer, much less a Celebrity Authorpreneur!

I, Connie Dunn, promise to teach you everything you need to know about writing your book in two 90-minute Live Webinars and two 60-minute group coaching calls. This is a total investment of 5 hours of your time and it is spread out over two weeks: November 10 & 17 are the teaching Webinars; November 12 & 19 are the group coaching calls. Here’s how to register – simply follow this link:

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