Elder Care

Miss Odell Privileges of Being Present for the End of Her Life $20

 Miss Odell by Connie Dunn is a book filled with personal stories of an elderly mom at the end of her life and the daughter who had the privilege to be with her mom through the end of her mother’s life.

Experience the almost forgotten charm of a Southern Lady, Miss Odell.

Learn how to find appropriate care for your elder.

Discover the potentially stressful job of moving an elder over 1,000 miles.

Because not all families are geographically close, learn how to be the caregiver who has an obligation to keep the non-care-giving family members apprised of the status of your elder.

  • Learn how Hospice can help not only your elder but yourself.
  • Wonder what the end of life brings? Find out how romance can figure into that equation.
  • Let yourself stretch into the spirit realm and experience the possibilities of light beings.