Children’s Books



When Panda Was a Boy: A Collection of Stories on Gender Identity for K-8 $20

When Panda was a Boy is a collection of stories on Gender Issues, such as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual and Questioning. The stories are meant for K-8. Each story is clearly labeled for the appropriate age group. In When Panda Was a Boy, Grandma has come to visit. Grandma wants to have a tea party. She is wearing her tea-party hat, but Lisa clearly is not interested. She wants to go out with Panda and jump into mud puddles. And when Grandma suggests that she play indoors and wear a pink frilly dress, Lisa makes it clear that she wants to be a boy. She wants to wear comfortable clothes like t-shirts and jeans.
In Amara’s Birthday Request, Amara asks for a boy part for her birthday. It seems that her friend, Kamal, tells her that she cannot go sailing, because she’s a girl. Mom assures her that girls can do anything boys do, if they choose.

In Drew and Lester, the two boys are neighbors and best friends. They love to dance and do acting. They also play soccer, but their love is clearly dance. When the boys grow up, they become Life Partners.

Other stories include: A Boy Named Sue, Brazos Dances, Charlie Is a Girl, and others.

Easy Readers

Destiny Has Two Grandmas Series

Book 1: Destiny Has Two Grandmas: Why Do Things Change? $15

Destiny has two grandmas that she loves, but life is changing for her. The Grandmas live 1,500 miles away. Mommy and Daddy have decided not to live together. Destiny is to stay with Dad! If that wasn’t enough change, Destiny and Dad move to his parent’s house in Iowa! Will Destiny be able to cope with the changes?

Book 2: Destiny Has Two Grandmas: I Got Pink Glasses $15

When Destiny got new pink glasses, she was excited to share that with her two grandmas. However, Destiny also likes to playa guessing game with her grandmas. This is a fun book.

Book 3: Grandma Honey, I Turned into a Mermaid (Destiny Has Two Grandmas Book 3) $12

When Grandma Honey and Destiny are talking on the phone, Destiny complains that she wanted to go swimming but her daddy wouldn’t take her. Grandma Honey suggested that she pretends she was swimming in the ocean. Magical things can happen in the “make-believe” world. Destiny turns into a “mermaid!”



A Spider, Some Thread, and a Labyrinth Walk: Sacred Journeys of the Heart Stories $15

A collection of stories about labyrinths, peace, and meditation, as well as information about labyrinths. This book includes such stories as The Children’s Monastery, Spin! Spin! And the Thread Flows, and The Star Keeper.


Legend of Lovers’ Leap $15

Legend of Lovers’ Leap is the tragic story of two young lovers, much like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, who are forbidden to act on their love because of differences between two Peoples (tribes). Little Rainbow and He Who Runs Like Lightning were children of chiefs, the leaders of their People. For years, the two children had met at the Bosque River, which separated the two villages. They swam, chased rabbits, and did what children everywhere and in any time period do: play. Through their play, the children grew into young adults as best friends and secret from their families and villages. They kew only too well what the sentiments of their villages were. Each hated the other village and considered them an enemy. Here in the 21st Century, the differences between countries, cultures, and religions still exist. This is a timeless story from which we can all learn.

Lights for Luucy $20

Luucy is a 9-year-old on a mission to find the “perfect” Unitarian Universalist Fall & Winter Holiday Season Celebration. She learns about all her friends’ traditions. She likes “Festival of Lights,” which is the name of both Divali (Hindu) and Hannukah (Jewish) Celebrations, so she thought she would call hers the same. She loved candlelight! And she loved making flaming chalice (symbol of Unitarian Universalism) cookies

The Fairies of Ferry Beach $20

This book is a collection of stories for all ages. Learn about Quillen Shinn, founder of Ferry Beach. Laugh at Aunt Twit and the Texas Mosquitos. Experience a kid camp with Willie the Whale. Experience a Banathalon with the Fairies of Ferry Beach. Learn the lessons in stories, such as Musca and the Chalice, Three Wise Unitarians, and Seeds for Pumpkin.

The Most Magical, Awesome, Delicate Creature of All $15

“The Most Magical, Awesome, Delicate Creature of All” is a new mythology. It is a delightful children’s story that even appeals to adults. It captures the magic of nature and the mystery around the creation of all things

The Real Story of the Dumpty Family $15

A Children’s Story that retells the Nursery Rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” that tells what really happened when Humpty fell off the wall.

When Rusty Went Driving $10

“When Rusty Went Driving” is a cute book about a tiny Chihuahua named Rusty. It is partially true and partially fictionalized. It’s a great book for any Chihuahua lover – adult or children!

Zoe $15

This is a story for all ages about a zebra puppet that was born at Brigham & Women’s Infusion Suite. She explains what she does to help patients and nurses.