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Books for Writers

5 Essential Reasons for a Coach to Write a Book

10 Ways to Develop Characters

12 Steps to Publishing -Workbook

Book Launch 101

Book Writing: Fuzzy about Where to Start?

Children's Book Illustration for the Non-Traditional Creator: Four Techniques from a Crafter's Point of view

Creating a Timeline for Your Book

Creating Magic (for Fiction Writers) $.99 Kindle Series

  1. How to Use Meditation, Ritual, and Dreams for Book Ideas
  2. Secrets to Making Characters Real
  3. Eight Steps to Assure Your Vocabulary Stays at the Right Grade Level
  4. How to Develop Storytelling Skills and Use them in Your Writing
  5. How to Turn Statements into Stories
  6. Five Reasons to Research
  7. 12 Questions that Build a Fantasy World
  8. How to Use Wands, Potions, and Spells in Fiction
  9. How to Illustrate with Quilts
  10. How to Illustrate with Puppets

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Books for ADULTS

Goddess Rituals: Reclaiming Our Ancient Heritage *NOTE: There is a Course  that goes with this book: Learning from the Ancient Goddesses of Indigenous Cultures from Around the World.

Learning from the Ancient Goddesses of Indigenous Cultures from Around the World *This curriculum will be available on It is not published yet!

Miss Odell: The Privileges of Being Present for the End of Her Life - A Reality Book on Elder Care

Personal Goddess Journal Series - for more info on this series, go to *NOTE: There is a Course  that goes with these Journals: Learning from the Ancient Goddesses of Indigenous Cultures from Around the World.

front Cover1Book 1: My Personal  Journey with Oya Journal (Personal Power)

Price: $10

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FrontCover-YemayaBook 2: My Personal Journey with Yamaya Journal (Personal Dreams)

Cost: $10

To Purchase:




FrontCover-MedusaBook 3: My Personal Journey with Medusa Journal (Social Justice)





Cover1Book 4: My Personal Journey with Kwan Yin Journal (Compassion)





FrontCover-HecateBook 5: My Personal Journey with Hecate Journal (Courage and Adventure)





Book 6: My Personal Journey with Gaia Journal (Nurturing)





FrontCover-hestiaBook 7: My Personal Journey with Hestia Journal (Family)





FrontCover-SeluCornWomanBook 8: My Personal Journey with Selu Corn Woman Journal (Motherly Love)





FrontCover-LaksmiBook 9: My Personal Journey with Lakshmi Journal (Prosperity)





FrontCover-amaterasuBook 10: My Personal Journey with Amaterasu Journal (Believing in Oneself)





FrontCover-cere&ProserpinaBook 11: My Personal Journey with Ceres and Proserpina Journal (Trust)





FrontCover-aspiderwmnBook 12: My Personal Journey with Spider Woman Journal (Being Strong, Independent, and Choosing Our Own Life Path)



Fiction Books for ALL Ages

A Spider, Some Thread, and a Labyrinth Walk

Legend of Lover's Leap

The Fairies of Ferry Beach

The Real Story of the Dumpty Family

When Rusty Went Driving (Rusty is a 5 ½ pound Chihuahua)

Zoe (A Stuffed Zebra Helps People in an Infusion Suite)


Trees: Peaceful and Personal Meditative Poems

Fiction Books for Children

Destiny Has Two Grandmas Series

Book 1: Why Do Things Change?

Book 2: I Got Pink Glasses

Book 3: Grandma Honey, I Turned into a Mermaid (Early Chapter Book) New Site with FREE Suff Here, Order book at the following link:

For more info on the book, and download some free things, such as finger puppet patterns, creativity links,  and a guide for creative play, go to

Interview on LA Talk Radio:


Lights for Luucy: A Unitarian Universalist Celebration of Winter Holidays

The Most Magical, Awesome, Delicate Creature of All

The Real Story of the Dumpty Family

When Panda Was a Boy: A Collection of Stories on Gender Identity for K-8

A FREE Parent Guide is available - 10 Tips for Parents on Talking about Gender Identity to Your Children at