Book Trailers: Get Yours Going!


Book Trailers? What’s that? No, it’s not a trailer full of books. No, it’s not a trail of books either! Think video, creative, and cinematic!


The newest mode of marketing your book has taken a very creative direction. Take the illustrations from your book and create a video with voice and music. Granted, if your book doesn’t have a lot of illustrations, you may have to get even more creative. What would represent your body of work captured in your book?


Let’s use a non-fiction example, such as my book, Press Releases Made Easy. The picture on the front cover is antique lead type. We could get pictures of individual letters on a piece of paper. Through moving the letters around on the paper and taking pictures of them, you can create an animation. You don’t have to have a very long trailer, two minutes is great. The end of the animation might move the letters into place to spell out the title. Then, you choose some words to say or a reading from the book, add some music…and there you have it! You’ve made a book trailer.


If the graphics seem like a challenge, think about the music. While there are places to get stock music online, I’ve found that the pieces tend to be longer or shorter than what you really want. In what seems like several lifetimes ago, I attended many classes surrounding the creation of indie films. One of the hardest challenges is getting the sound and music at a stable level and at a professional quality.


With voice overs, you have a lot more control of the audio. But in talking to  a musician friend, Jon Kava, he explains that with a software program called a “music sequencer: or “digital audio workstation,” you can create your own music. “Have you seen computer graphics in movies like Lord of the Rings or Avatar? Computer generated music was on the scene first. Creating music on a computer opens up possibilities from orchestral music to tribal music without the cost of hiring a band.“ Jon Kava can be reached at For $100 and up, he will create music for your project.

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