Book Ideas Don’t Grow on Trees

My Momma always told me that money doesn’t grow on trees…and it doesn’t! But as a writer, book ideas don’t grow on trees, either!

Sometimes coming up with a truly stellar title can be a challenge. Some people have a lot of trouble creating book ideas. Others seem to have little problem. But the truth is that everyone is capable of developing boo ideas.

What is a Book Idea?

What constitutes a “Book Idea?” A “Book Idea” is a thought, plan, or suggestion about what to write. This may sound a bit vague until you see your book as “Intellectual Property.” It is your thoughts, opinions, beliefs or what you imagine (or see for the visual person) in your brain.

  • A “Book Idea” is what comes before you actually form your “Concept.” When you form your concept, you can then broaden the topic and chop it into smaller pieces, such as chapters.
  • You can even break down a chapter into smaller chunks.
  • When we think of writing a book, we know we need an “idea.”
  • When we are planning a series of books, we need multiple ideas that are connected.
  • A “Book Series” normally covers a topic, which should be of sufficient interest to your readers or potential readers that they would purchase the series.
  • Whether you write non-fiction or fiction, a series can be a great way to provide content or entertainment to your readers.
  • In the case of fiction, it is a story that is too large for one book or a story that follows the life of one character, such as Harry Potter.
  • When writing a “Book Series,” it should be planned out well. For example, you’ll want to stop a fiction novel after this part of the story has climaxed and you’ve resolved all the unresolved threads in the book. Your next book can take up where you left off, but it should still begin with a problem or conflict.
  • When you publish a fiction book, one chapter at a time, it develops into what is called “Fan Fiction.”
  • You develop a following with this sort of Kindle book.
  • Series helps develop a following, especially if you publish them in a timely manner. For example, a Kindle “Fan Fiction” published on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is bound to build readership.
  • You can use your fans to help you write your book by asking for suggestions for the protagonist’s next steps.
  • In this way, you are in partnership with your book reading fans!

Planning a Series

Book Series - Fiction

Fan Fiction

The ability to publish small, easily absorbed books on Kindle as a series can be a fairly easy way to deliver high quality content in a short period of time, while building readers.

These books can be between 4,000 to 8,000 words. Some authors say up to 20,000 words, but that is more like a regular print book. When looking at fiction as a Kindle series or Fan Fiction, you want to keep the word count to what a chapter might be in a print book.

Another thing to look at even as a fiction writer, you might write a Kindle series of non-fiction books to go with your fiction series. When I wrote, When Panda Was a Boy: a Collection of Stories on Gender Identity for K-8, I could write a series of books on gender identity that would help sell the collection of stories. At this point, I haven’t done that, but I never say never!


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