Becoming a JV Partner

A JV or Joint Venture Partner can be a lucrative opportunity for both partners. Whether your list is big or small, you can still partner with others. But just because you don’t have a big list does not mean you cannot partner with someone who has a big list.

When you have a small list, partnering with people with larger lists can help you grow your list. However, if your list is small, you can also partner with other people with small lists, you’ll just need more partners.

Why partner with anyone? Well, extending your reach is always a plus. If you’re launching a book or holding a tele-summit or a single webinar, having partners to spread the word is always a positive way to begin.

How do we get the partners? We ask, like I am asking now! Will you be my JV Partner?

Who am I to be asking:

Connie Dunn is an award-winning author, speaker, and educator. She spent nearly 30 years as a freelance writer, writing for magazines and newspapers, including a regular column on small and home-based businesses, so she understands the entrepreneurial world view. She also worked for publishers, such as Prentice Hall as a Developmental or Content Editor. She has been an Indie Published author since 1981. She has published more than 30 books in paperback and Kindle, including children’s books, poetry, non-fiction, and she is currently working on a mystery novel for adults. Connie is available as a speaker on a variety of topics. You can find more about her books and work with writers at and Her latest offering is The 3-Hour Book Project, which is an ONLINE project with two 90-minute Webinars (the teaching part) and two group coaching calls (the problem-solving, all questions answered part).

The Project: The 3-Hour Book Project is scheduled for November 10 & 17 (90 minute Webinars) and November 12 & 19 (60-minute Group Coaching Calls).

What do I want you to do? I want you to help promote The 3-Hour Book Project.

Here’s how it works:

My product:

  • The 3-hour Book Project (
  • Early Bird BONUSES (Before Oct. 31)
    • 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (Value $75)
    • 1 year’s (52-weekly sessions) worth of Weekly Accountability Call (Value $480)

My TARGET Audience for The 3-Hour Book is: Entrepreneurs

As a JV Partner, what you get:

  • 30% commission on all sales generated from your Affiliate Link.
  • To sign up my Affiliate Program:
    • Follow this link: and look on the right-hand side of the page where it says: Join Our Affiliate Program.
      • Plug in your affiliate information, if you are already an affiliate.
      • Click on Affiliate Signup, if you are not an affiliate.
    • 30% commission on all subsequent sales and upgrades.
      • Upgrade possibilities
        • Rewrite Services ($25/page)
        • Ghost Writing Services ($150)
        • Developmental (Content) Editing ($150/hour)
        • Research Services ($150/hour)
      • Subsequent Coaching possibilities
        • 10-Page Evaluation and 15- Minute Coaching Call ($40)
        • Comprehensive Evaluation of Manuscript ($300)
        • Once-a-Week Accountability Call ($40/month; pay 1 yr in advance $400 – VALUE $480/year)
        • One-on-One Coaching ($150)
        • Take 5 Coaching Plan ($675 – Value $750)
      • Courses Available
        • 10 Reasons to Indie Publish (one .pdf $7)
        • 12 Easy Steps to Publishing (in-person & virtually) ($400 one-time payment or four weekly payments of $125)
        • Being an Article Machine ($27)
        • Book Launch 101 (one .pdf $10)
        • Books Are Business (FREE)
        • Character Development (FREE Introductory Class)
        • Converting Word™ to Kindle ($25)
        • Creating a Timeline for Your Book ($37)
        • Creating Your FREE E-Book ($47)
        • Plotting Your Plot ($17)
        • Website Design 101 for Authors ($27)
        • Writing Your FREE Report ($17)

Please sign up for my affiliate program. Promote The 3-Hour Book on Social Media of all types (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and others), send out e-mails to your list or to friends (NOTE: My target market is Entrepreneurs.).

I am also available to talk about Why Entrepreneurs Need to Publish a Book, if that fits with your podcast, teleseminar, tele-summit, webinar, Blog Talk Radio program, etc. I would also be glad to write a guest blog for your blog, if that fits for you, as well.

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