Athena, the Warrior Queen of Yavdolo

Athena, the Warrior Queen of Yavdolo

About Athena, the Warrior Queen of Yavdolo

Damlol is a planet located outside the reaches of Earth and the solar system, a peaceful world from which many colonists from Earth left centuries ago, fleeing a worldwide caliphate. But all is not as it seems. Athena, the princess of a country known as Yavdolo, is growing up in a turbulent time. The kingdom of Avodla desires to crush all other nations and cover the world in an oppressive dictatorship--similar to the one the colonists fled from so many centuries ago. This is the story of a girl of great courage and her many adventures, the first in a series. Click here to check out the Book Trailer.


Interview with Helen R Davis on May  8, 2017

About Helen R. Davis

Helen R. Davis, whose first novel was CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED, began researching Eva Perón, a woman just as fascinating and interesting as Cleopatra VII, in 2001, around the same time her writing journey began.  Davis discovered Eva in a collective biography called  LIVES OF EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN: Rulers, Rebels (and what the Neighbors Thought) that featured 20 short stories about famous women who had influenced nations, from Cleopatra to Indira Gahndi. Though the stories of women such as Isabella of Spain, Elizabeth I of England, and Joan of Arc, all who were featured in the book, were known to her, it was Eva's that caught Davis's attention as she was entranced by Eva's brief but Hollywood-esque life and story She then began reading biographies of Evita in English, and even studied Spanish in honor of this legendary woman. In 2007, Davis finally went to Argentina to absorb the myth, legend, and history of Evita.  In this process, she went to the Eva Peron Museum in Buenos Aires and even met people who had known the First Lady.

Helen R. Davis can be reached at:; or 567 - 825 - 8688 or

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