Abundance and Writing

It is a mindset of “abundance” that we normally hear discussed. Abundant thinking helps us become more successful business people or experience successful careers.

When we come to “abundance,” we no longer see diminished capacity or limiting thoughts. Therefore, when we speak of abundance for our writing, we become aware of an infinite wellspring of creativity that allows us to write from a place of abundance.

If you sit down at your computer with the thought of having abundance, your words would flow in all the right ways. Writing becomes effortless. Entire stories simply write themselves.

So, how do we get into that mindset as a writer? These five tips can help you get into the “abundance” mindset:

  1. Develop the belief that there is limitless resources through scanning your thoughts for limiting beliefs, such as scarcity and obstacles, and banishing those thoughts.
  2. Focus on the abundance and not on the lack.
  3. Appreciate what you have instead of worrying about what you don’t have.
  4. Get organized. You have a harder time focusing on what you need to do, if you are not organized. Organizing your notes and thoughts are both important in being organized.
  5. Remember, that sharing is part of honoring the abundance.
  6. Create win-win situations.
  7. Remember, that within your greatest losses are your greatest wins.

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