About Connie Dunn

connie_dunn-sm250Connie Dunn is a Nationally Known author, speaker and book writing coach. She helps authors and aspiring authors to develop and publish their book. She specializes in working with fiction and non-fiction writers, in particular: novelists, young adult, middle grade, children's and picture book authors.

Connie’s focuses on indie (independent) publishing - "Indie" publishing, similar to "indie" film-making is an independent choice. She has been an Independent Publisher since 1981. She has been writing all her life with about 30 books, screenplays, and curricula published. She has taught creative writing, freelance writing, religious education, and a variety of creative workshops.

Connie has more than 30 years' experience as a newspaper journalist, freelance magazine writer, technical writer and course developer, religious education course developer, storyteller, children's book author, fiction and non-fiction writer, and teacher for Independent Book Development.

Everyone has a book in them; let Connie help you spread those valuable contributions of wisdom to the world. If you don’t write it, who will? No one has your particular perspective to share.

About Publish with Connie


Publish with Connie supports authors from concept through publishing processes. It runs both online and in-person classes. It offers an exclusive Facebook Group for authors to promote the exchange between authors.

Publish with Connie offers one-time seminars, teleseminars, and webinars focused on writing, publishing, and marketing, which offer short insights into the professional development of authors - both new and seasoned. Creating e-books, paperbacks, hard cover, and e-courses are "knowledge" products that fall into the "intellectual" property that can be copyrighted. Almost all products of this nature are protected by a common law copyright. However, for formalizing and truly protecting yourself, you should always file (filing fee required) a copyright with the Library of Congress. (NOTE: There are many other companies that offer a service for Copyrighting Your Book . They simply overcharge you for filing, adding in a nice fee for themselves. You can copyright your book yourself. This can be done online at http://www.copyright.gov/eco/.)

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